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9Dragons thrusts the player into ancient China, where martial arts chivalry was born and the fundamentals of Kung Fu were first being fully mastered.  In 9Dragons, you can join one of 6 major martial arts clans (or journey through The Land with no Clan as a Vagabond) while you learn your Clan’s Kung Fu style.  From your clan you will meet many other Heroes in the land and you can join Hero Bands and Leagues for epic PvP and dungeon raids. Join with thousands of other players in the weekend events including the massive Storm vs Storm PvP battles, or simply explore the lush scenery of the Ming Dynasty era while taking quests from townsfolk that are desperately in need of a Kung Fu Hero!


– Engage in the first authentic martial arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game
– Journey alongside many friends, enemies, teachers and fellow disciples throughout The Land
– Discover the beginning of Martial Arts Chivalry
– Master your chosen branch of Kung Fu and challenge other masters to epic battles that can determine the future of your Clan.
– Choose from 4 different roles in 6 different Clans, or choose no clan or specific role and be a traveling vagabond
– Battle with rival Hero Bands in the unique Storm Vs. Storm battlegrounds
– Train under another player, or take on a pupil of your own with the Master & Disciple system
– Immerse yourself in the story and join the community on the forums for the ultimate Martial Arts MMO experience