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Fiesta Online

Imagine a world where thousands of players live in and explore a colourful and magical fantasy world. That world is Fiesta Online. Players can complete missions, hunt for monsters or take part in epic Kingdom Quests – all together with friends!

What makes Fiesta really special are the diverse community features. We not only guarantee thrilling battle against your foes but also that you’ll find people to work with, make friends and have a great time!

It’s not just the features that make Fiesta Online stand out from the pack. The graphics are amazing: lovingly designed, cell shaded characters as well as intricate environments are a welcome change from what most other free MMORPGs offer. Fiesta’s unique look and innovative features have already brought it success across Asia and the USA. Since its launch in 2008, Fiesta has attracted more than half a million enchanted players, and that number is continuously growing…

Age of Armor

In the middle of the 21st century, as the large-scale immigration gradually eliminates the boundaries between races, “Global Independence United Government”, sponsored by a number of developed countries and based upon United Nation, is hence founded. As time goes on, more and more nations join the organization, and the first Earth United government in human history comes to existence.

 Human starts to build their home on the moon, on the Mars and in the space. The living environments there is poor, and authorities on the earth are discriminative of these space residents. Unfair wealth distribution, backward welfare system and resource distribution lead to deteriorating conflicts. Residents on the Mars begin to resist. They form their own government and make full use of robot-operating skills developed to fight against the army sent by the Earth United government.

 Age of Armor is a robot-themed online game based on the wars between Earth United Government and the Republic of Aesir. The massive multiplayer online game is currently opening it’s test stage in China.

 – Assemble your own Armor, and change it from time to time. Weapon, shield and even color are all for you to decide.

 – Choose your character from three classes with distinguishing features. Make decision to be a neo-human sniper, an enhanced-human fighter or a human healer. None is replaceable.

 – Find rich PVP and PVE content. We have PVP and non-PVP servers for players to choose. In some places, the two alignments will have to work together to fight against their common enemies. Moreover, new player server will help you to level up quickly without worrying about getting shot from behind.

 – Form your guild and lay siege to the opponents’ cities. Rule the occupied cities and make your guild well-known and feared by the enemy.

Drift City

Whether you’re chasing down HUVs, delivering doughnuts or smoking other drivers in the Battle Zone, your skills as a driver will determine your success in racing MMO Drift City.

Tales of Pirates 2

Tales of Pirates is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game based on 5000 years of background history with Piracy as its central theme. It is comical in nature and has humorous looking characters and creatures. The games scenery is splashed with bright and beautiful colors everywhere. The exaggerated movements and actions of characters as well as objects, topped with an atmosphere that is very relaxed, makes the game consistently entertaining and always interesting and fresh for newbies and veteran players alike.

TOP features itself in the following aspects:

* High Quality 3D Cartoon-styled Design

* Impressive Background History and Intricate Story Quests

* Distinguished Characters with a lot of Professional Options

* Numerous Cities and Splendid Scenery

* Revolutionary Ship Building and Sea Battle System

* Myriad of Secret Searching and Treasure Hunting

* Countless In-game Quests and GM held Events

Yet there is still a lot to come in the following versions, namely:

* Constantly Developing New Seas and Continents

* More Free and Gorgeous Sea Gaming Activities

* New Complicated Player Interaction Systems

This is just a small taste of the features available in TOP and we are constantly improving and updating.

So, if you are one who is up to the challenge of challenging the best and most ruthless pirates on the seas, if you are one who enjoys the freedom of exploration, or who desires to live a life of fantasy and danger and has an adventurous spirit, then you can’t miss TOP!