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PoxNora is a collectible, turn-based, tactical, online fantasy game. Players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon relics and equipment of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents.

Hundreds of Illustrated Runes to Play

Configure your Battlegroup from hundreds of beautifully illustrated Runes. Runes gain experience, advance levels, and have special abilities that can turn the battle in your favor. We have already launced the base game as well as 2 complete expansion packs bringing our total count to over 400 runes!
Highly Detailed maps

Activate your runes and watch your champions come to life on the battlefield. Maps have multiple terrain types and various levels of elevation.

Built-In Trading

Looking for a particular rune? Barter with players from around the world to complete your collection!

Game Types

Capture the Flag: The object of this game is to score points by "capturing" your opponent’s flag. You and your opponent each have a flag inside of your shrine’s deployment zone. When a champion moves onto the space containing the opposing player’s flag, that champion picks the flag up, and gains the "flag-bearer" unit condition. Champions with the "flag-bearer" condition have iron will, planar bound, and cannot use/be part of any abilities that would move it more than one space at a time. If a champion carrying the flag is killed, the flag is dropped on the space that the champion died. At the beginning of a turn, if a unit you control is standing on your flag while it is at its starting flag point, that unit will take 20 damage. If a unit you control walks onto your flag while it is anywhere else, the flag will be returned to the starting flag point. If a player has BOTH his and his opponent’s flag inside of his shrine’s deployment zone, the flag is considered captured, and a point is scored. The game ends after a player has scored 3 points. You may only use Champions in this game type.

King of the Hill: The object of this game is to score points by having only Champions you control inside of a special "zone". The zone is located in the center of the map, and indicated with black squares. At the start of a turn, if the zone has only champions controlled by one player inside of it, that player scores a point. If the zone has no champions inside of it, or if both players have champions inside of it, no player scores a point. The game ends after a player has scored 10 points. You may only use Champions in this game type.

Normal: The object of this game is to destroy your opponent’s shrine by reducing its HP to 0. This game type uses standard rules (which can be found on the website). All rune types may be used.


Take your favorite Runes on an adventure! Campaigns are a series of Encounters, where you will face off with a computer-controlled opponent. In the Single Player lobby, you will find several free Campaigns that are ready for you to play! In Campaigns, your Runes can gain experience. Win an Encounter and you might just get a Rune Fragment, which can be used in the Player Rewards section!

Want more? Subscribing to the PoxNora Premium Service will grant you access to larger Campaigns, with larger prizes! Take on tougher opponents and test your skills!

Still not satisfied? Head over to the Campaign Store and check out the special Story Campaigns! In a Story Campaign, you will take part in PoxNora lore and gain temporary access to Exotic Runes. The rewards in Story Campaigns are even better!
Player Rewards

Defeat a Campaign? Then you’ve got Rune Fragments! Turn them into special prizes in the Player Rewards section! In this section, you can create special Tokens to give your Champions special names, taunts, and even grant them experience! Collect enough Fragments and Tokens, and you could even redeem a free Pack of Runes!

Create Limited Edition Runes! Turn that stale Elsari Mason into a special Limited Edition Rune! Just gather the required Fragments and redeem a special version of certain Champion Runes in the Player Rewards Section.

These Runes include: Cyclops Chieftain, Demon Lich, Draksar Sandstalker, Elsari Mason (As mentioned above!), Elven Prodigy, and Jakei Extinguisher

Rune Exchange

Turn old Runes into new! When you buy Rune packs, you will receive Runes and special Tokens. But, what if you didn’t get that Draksar Chameleon that you had your eye on?

Never fear! Gather the Runes and Tokens, that you’ve collected, and take them to the Rune Exchange! You can trade in a certain number of Tokens, along with some Runes, for those hard to get Runes. Click Redeem and that Draksar Chameleon is yours!

(You must be a Premium Member to have full access to the Rune Exchange.)

The Warlords

The Warlords is a free MMORPG that is based on late Qing Dynasty.

The mid-19th century was one of the darkest periods of Chinese history. Natural disasters, typhoons, droughts and floods wreaked havoc in the countryside. In the midst of this chaos, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, one of the strongest rebel groups ever to rise up in China, was overrunning the country and staging battles with the Qing army threatening the throne.

In this truceless world, both the soldiers and bandits band together to put down rebellion for the imperial government and the commoners. You can choose to be any one of them. Take your weapons and start your adventure with your bodyguards from the Lotus Port!

Footman & Marksman

The combat style are of two classes: the close ranged Footman and the long ranged Marksman. The Footman is expert in various kinds of melee weapons, such as sword, voulge, saber, axe, staff and so on. The marksman is skillful in ranged attack. Bows are their favorites.

Entourage System

In the Warlords, your bodyguards will go wherever you go. You are their master and they will be loyal to you only.

In the actual combat, they will help you kill rebels, give your protection, taking 70% damage for you, or even die for you. As late Qing warriors, they will level up and equip different weapons, too. Part of your Kungfu is determined by their attributes. The higher their Valor is, the more powerful Kung Fu you will have. Two guards of the same type can be united together to upgrade the Valor.

Different guards have different combat skills. Sometimes, these skills are mutually destructive. After reaching a certain level, they can be reincarnated.

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

In ancient China, brotherhood is everything. It is the soul of the Warlords. Three players can be sworn brothers or sisters. After that, they can share Kung Fu and their enemy list. In emergent situations, brothers can instantly come to rescue each other.

Nobility Rank

In the Warlords, all the commoners can be granted with the rank of nobility as long as they donate enough silver to the imperial government. The rank of nobility is divided into 5 classes: Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, Duke and Prince (Princess).

Voyage Campaigns

Voyage Campaign is an innovative quest system in the Warlords. As the riots and unrest are widely spread in the territory of the kingdom, the Qing court wants the experienced warriors to crush the troubles for them. Therefore, no matter if you are an imperial soldier or a bandit, the supreme authority will reward you with bountiful awards once you complete these urgent quests.

The requirements for the Voyage Campaign are strict, and vary from one campaign to another. After receiving a Voyage Campaign, players will depart for the destination on board a ship.

History prepares to bear heroes into legends. It is time for you to choose how your story will be told!