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FlyFF: Fly for Fun

Flyff (Fly For Fun) is one of the first MMORPGs to introduce free roaming flight, it possesses a vast amount of content that is constantly being updated, and it caters to audiences both young and old. The game is easy to learn and addictive yet hard to master.

Flyff is a very social game, with a vibrant community that offers much in the way of making friends to further each individual’s enjoyment throughout their playtime.  It is one that plays to the massively multiplayer aspect well, that is an infinitely magical experience when you’re sharing it with other people.

Flyff places you, the player, in the fantastic land known as Madrigal. It is home to magical creatures and fearsome monsters known as Masquerpets. From above, the gods and goddesses Bubble, Iblis and Shade preside.

What you do throughout your stay in Madrigal is entirely up to you. You’re free to go right out and hunt monsters, do some quests, explore, or even simply sit and chat with the other players – you’d be surprised at who you’ll meet and what you’ll learn from doing so.

Progress in Flyff is made by gaining experience points and leveling up. The more monsters you kill and the more quests you do reward you with experience to grow your character and to enable you to become more powerful.  It’s a long road to becoming one of the legendary Heroes of Madrigal, but the journey there is every bit as exciting and rewarding once you set upon that path.

GhostX Ultimate

GhostX is a new type of 21st century Online Action Role Playing Game.  When you begin playing GhostX, you make a soul contract with a “ghost arm”, and to discover the truth behind it, you’ll need to take on various missions and quests.

Ghost-arms are constantly evolving, as you become more and more powerful, helping you defeat enemies with extreme force. Feel the revolution! In the hidden story, you will become a Metro Action hero in GhostX.

The Nanobots in GhostX combine many separate elements of a traditional RPG into an innovative system. They combine the functions of pet, skill, job, weapon, item, and growth to allow for many new kinds of interaction.

The Nanobots direct the style of combat, propel the storyline, and help you in problem solving. You can hold multiple Nanobots in your inventory for many kinds of gameplay variants.

With 100 different Nanobots ranging from knife type to gun type, you will never be satisfied until you collect them all!

The Truth is NOT all you can see
Log in today and experience the exotic world of Nanobots yourself. You’ll be swept off your feet by the mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind, action-filled game and backstory.


BattleForge is an online real-time strategy (RTS) game. In the game players are Skylords, beings with god-like powers that summon legendary creatures to do their bidding. Creatures, units, spells and buildings are represented by virtual trading cards, which are brought to life in the game through cutting edge animated graphics, with DirectX 10.1 support. BattleForge is an epic fantasy game that pioneers strategy gaming with its online multiplayer design and robust community features. Players forge their own army with virtual trading cards and team up online to battle each other or the many challenges in the game world of Nyn. Battleforge combines the pace of RTS play with the customization of trading card games.

* With no base building and production queues BattleForge players are instantly immersed into fast-paced RTS action

* Players use virtual trading cards to build the perfect army and lay waste to their foes. The cards are the tools of war each representing a unit, building or spell that is brought to life directly onto the RTS battlefield

*Customise and combine factions, and play with a unique army of your own design

* Co-op battles are played in teams of two or four, or players can hurl themselves into epic 12 player battles for the greatest rewards.Players must work cooperatively to fulfil the mission goals

*  Extensive online Player vs. Player battlegrounds, with ranked duels and tournament scenarios for 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 competition

* Robust community features like auction hall, direct trade and in-game mail, result in unique RTS game play that is easy to learn, but hard to master

The Legend of Mir 3

Originally released across Asia in 2003, the Mir franchise remains one of the top Asian MMORPGs and is known for its style, great game balance, and appeal to all types of MMOG players.

Four character classes with deep skill trees, guilds and siege battles, dynamic PvP and PvE, crafting, and a huge world map with thousands of concurrent users makes this one of the most exciting free to play MMOGs in the world. 

For players who want a little more, a microtransaction model allows players to purchase in-game items that they can use while playing.  From customizing your in-game character to items that help your play, there’s something for everyone in the in-game store.