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Warrior Epic

Warrior Epic, the popular MMORPG, has just launched its first major expansion Warrior Epic: Battlegrounds, which features a huge amount of new content including brand new PVP gameplay, an all-new HUB City, a New Region (Trogken Swamps), dozens of new items and much more.  Warrior Epic is an online, action role-playing game set in an original fantasy universe. In the game, players assume command of a Warrior Hall from which they manage their characters’ adventures and can recruit from a wide array of Warrior Classes, each with its own style of play. The Classes and the Hall itself can be upgraded visually as well as functionally. Players adventure together in multiplayer campaigns, adventure mode, solo quests and PVP.

Product Features:

ALL NEW PVP GAMEPLAY — Warrior Epic now offers four all-new objective-based PVP enabled maps for players to battle- Welkin Warrens (a mountainous underground), Ruins of Aberas (a fierce jungle), Faustus Estate (the mysterious mansion) and the newest addition: Trogken Swamps.

NEW HUB CITY GIVES THE COMMUNITY A PLACE TO SOCIALIZE — Warrior Epic now offers a true central HUB for players to meet and form groups and guilds, while also showing off their dance skills and cool gear earned from quests.

ALL-NEW SWAMP REGION — The grand region known as the Trogken Swamps is an all-new environment, and like the other regions in the game will now offer full PVP gameplay.  With over 50 new quests, monsters and items you can acquire, players can spend a great deal of time adventuring through the deadly marshes.

DOZENS OF NEW PVP ITEMS — During PVP matches, players can earn currency for purchasing all new items and upgrades to reinforce their base, summon boss monsters and spirits against the opposing team, and many more!

UNIQUE WARRIOR SPIRIT SYSTEM — allows for the spirits of your fallen warriors to be resurrected, infused into the item of another warrior for added bonuses, or taken along on missions, inflicting massive damage at opportune moments.

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE WARRIOR HALLS — not only house your army of warriors and spirits, but can also be personalized and upgraded to provide a wide variety of offensive and defensive bonuses.

INFINITE REPLAYABILITY — through Solo, Group, and Player vs. Player game play ensures a unique experience every time.

• EXTENSIVE CUSTOMIZATION — options let you fully personalize the look, skills, and equipment of your army of warriors

SESSION BASED GAMEPLAY — allows even those with limited play time to make significant progress and gain highly rewarding achievements

Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty is the English-based, North American version of Zhu Xian, one of China’s most popular Free-To-Play games.  Based on the extremely popular internet novel, also titled “Zhu Xian,” Jade Dynasty features a unique martial arts style game play wrapped in a huge, evolving game world.

Jade Dynasty offers players a multitude of features and systems not commonly found in free-to-play MMORPGs.  Once inside the crisp, clean game world, players begin their quest to uncover the secrets of immortality as they first assume the role of a simple paladin. Players delve into a system where choices between good and evil begin to shape their game play experience as they obtain different skills, items and ultimately, a story that is unique to every player.  Among the many great features, the classless character progression system allows players to focus on the skills you desire to create the ultimate warrior.


Unlike other games that charge subscription fees, Jade Dynasty is “Free-To-Play.” Digital goods that players can obtain in the Cash Shop include: items that can assist with tasks such as consumables that aid player progress, others that reset or temporarily increase stats, expansion of storage capabilities, customizable fashion and equipment, such as mounts that allow faster movement and reduce travel time, social items and gifts that assist communication, and much more.


•    Leveling Tools – Players can Meditate while online and gain experience every 60 seconds, closely related to that is the Dream feature, while offline players can be dreaming and gaining experience and lastly the Invigorator will allow players to setup spells, heal their characters and attack mobs automatically!

•    Unique Character Progression – Players begin as Paladin and once proven worthy, select from 5 different factions, each offer their own unique set of skills and game mechanics for countless customization possibilities.

•    Navigation System – Players will no longer be confused about where to go or what monsters to kill.  Quests will have a link which will allow players to click and automatically navigate to their quest objectives.  In addition, a click anywhere will route a player there automatically.

•    Alliance System – Create a mighty army and level up, to earn special skills and items.  Ally with other Alliances and engage in Fort Battles or Battlegrounds to defeat your foes.

•    Pets – Pets can be found in the wild or purchased to fight alongside a player and provide that extra edge in battle.  Pets grow, learn new skills and eventually “go to heaven,” leaving an incredible reward.

•    Crafting – Gather the right materials and obtain special training to create armor and weapons.

•    Weapon and Armor Upgrading – Increase statistics and even modify the look of gear.  This system allows players to fine tune the functionality of their equipment, and at the same time, further customize their character’s look.

•    Flying Weapons – In traditional Chinese martial art myths, flying upon a sword is the ultimate sign of a powerful warrior.  Jade Dynasty brings this fantasy to life.

•    Player versus Player Combat – Fight for honor and rewards with intense Worldwide Player versus Player (PvP) battles.

•    Fort Battles – Engage in daily fort battles where Alliances defend or attack. Spawn titans to battle, construct defensive or offensive buildings and complete the objectives to reap the benefits of victory.

•    Marriage – A complete marriage system where a male and female can attempt to prove themselves worthy of each other’s love and earn romance skills.

•    Mounts – A huge selection of mounts, including flying mounts which will allow players to soar, and take their friends along for the ride.

•    Dungeons – Explore numerous dungeons and defeat the foes from within to gain high quality items.

•    New Quest System – Leveling with quests is as entertaining as ever; choose various quest types to level by such as:

    o    Story Quests: Experience the events of the original novel.

    o    Journey Quests: Seek the farthest regions in Jade Dynasty.  Exploring the lives of characters in the original novel, revealing secrets previously unknown.

    o    Treasure Hunting Quests: Complete treasure maps with missing fragments to discover treasures untold.

    o    Legendary Quests: Pay respect to the legends of Jade Dynasty to receive rewards.

    o    Clan Chain Quests: Pick a clan and rise within the ranks to become the ultimate warrior.

    o    Exploration Quests: Explore the numerous dungeons within Jade Dynasty and discover their secrets.

    o    Monster Killing Quests:  Slay beasts of Chinese Legend and accelerate the adventure.

Ether Saga Online

Ether Saga Online is the English-based version of KDXY, one of the newest titles and most popular titles from Perfect World Beijing. The game is based on one the four great classic novels of Chinese literature, Journey to the West.

Ether Saga Online combines lavish graphics with a young anime style. It features a slew of unique features and systems that make the game truly one of a kind. Among its many revolutionary systems it features a fresh new Integrated Quest and Navigation System that allows players to seamlessly progress through the game with minimal confusion.

Unlike other games that charge subscription fees, Ether Saga Online is “Free-To-Play.” Once inside the game world, players can earn and spend money to upgrade a large variety of items to enhance their game play experience. Players can acquire and begin using items in real-time without any disruption to game play. Digital goods that players can obtain in the Cash Shop include: items that can assist with mundane tasks such teleportation devices or consumables that aid player progress, others that reset or temporarily increase stats, expansion of storage capabilities, customizable fashion and equipment, such as mounts that allow faster movement and reduce travel time, social items and gifts that assist communication, and more.

– Integrated Quest/Navigation System – Players will no longer be confused about where to go or what monsters to kill. Quests will have a “link” which will allow the player to click on and automatically navigate to their quest objectives.
– Unique Races and Classes – Three different races as well as six different classes. Each class having its own unique play style and gameplay.
– Element Leveling System – As players level up, they receive points that can be assigned to specific elements. Each element has its own characteristics and affects the core gameplay of each user.
– Unique Skill System – Each class has a set of unique skills. Skills are not learned from trainers but rather on the fly through a battlefield menu system.
– Birthday Skills – Each character receives special abilities and skills related to the day their character was born.
– Clan Skills – Players can create clans/guilds and have opportunities to learn new abilities and skills as a group.
– In-Depth Pet System – Every player starts with their own pet. Players can tame and capture new pets as they adventure through the world.
– Fusion System – Players can actually fuse with their pets and gain access to new abilities and gameplay options.
– Monster Card System – Players can collect monster cards which allow them to transform into specific monsters. In monster form, players gain access to new abilities and skills.
– Crafting System – Players can choose from 9 different crafting and gathering skills.
– Reputation System – Monsters will have their own factions in-game. Players can gain reputation with these creatures and gain access to new content.
– Alliance System – Clans can group up into Alliances in order to combat difficult monsters or even other Alliances.