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Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Soul of the Ultimate Nation is a MMORPG representing the perfect balance between advantages of console package RPG and the battle system of MORPG. Users can communicate within the town to form a community and play through various economic activities.

In addition, by operating a unique battle zone system, users are able to enjoy stylish combats and experience the story line.

Battle Zone System

In Soul of the Ultimate Nation’s Battle Zone System, users are able to choose a map, difficulty, number of participants, and reward type to personalize the battle and dungeon. In addition, depending on the way users choose it can differ from Mission, Hunting, PVP, and Event.

Various Maps

Character’s growth depending each users’ taste.

Various Game Mode and Maps.

In Soul of the Ultimate Nation, users can participate in two types of maps. First one is located in the Battle Zone which you can customize the setting as how you want to play. Second one is the Dungeon Type which has no limit of participants.
Depending on your character’s class and style of attack, you can experience different pace and path in maps for growth, quest, and various events.

Battle Zone

Mission Map
Unlike regular quests, mission map runs separately as different style of scenario goal achievement. Users can experience far more action in this mode and various rewards upon mission completion.

Hunting Map
Simply structured map designed for leveling up your character. Users can choose the max number of participants, max level, class limit, difficulty, bonus reward, etc.

PVP (Player versus Player)
Battle Arena designed for combats between players. 1v1 individual battles up to 5v5 team battles are possible in this mode.

Event Map
Variety of different events is hosted in this mode. Each map is preset with certain goals users must achieve. Upon completion users will receive very valuable reward.

Stylish Combats

Fast character movements, visually vibrant effects, and thrilling sounds will maximize the intensity for every combat.

Stylish Combat System
In Battle Zone with maximum capacity of 10 users per room, users can experience most intense, micro-managing, individual or team oriented combats. Fast character movements, visually vibrant effects, and thrilling sounds maximize the intensity for every combat. In addition, users can experience a different ‘Hack and Slash’ type of combat during a massive battle.

Various Attack Style
Users can choose their characters’ fighting style. Style can be changed during any combat, thus, this become part of the strategy and strength of each individual. Special effects such as a stun and a critical hit will add more thrilling experience in combats.

Mind Blowing Action
Variety of combats and hit effects were priority in developing this game. Why? Depending each character’s movement (Strafing, Forward, Runback, etc.) and spells, opponent can be knocked back, blown away, etc. All these action blows every S.U.N players’ minds away.

NIDA Online

Unlike ordinary 3D games that only accentuate realism, Nida Online’s colorful and unique visual style gives the feeling of intimacy. A wide array of special effects makes full use of 3D graphics to provide a highly immersive gaming experience.

Nida Online boasts a unique equipment system with items that have visual distinction.

Experience the amazing changes your characters will undergo when wearing different types of items.

Each character in Nida Online has a distinct development system.

Simply changing the character will give you the impression of playing an entirely different game.

The setting of Nida Online is not your run-of-the-mill medieval fantasy world.

It fuses elements of the past, the present, and the future. Don’t be alarmed when you see a dinosaur.

A realm far beyond your wildest imagination awaits you.