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Mercenary Wars

Mercenary Wars is an online military FPS that features a large number of characters that the player can customize. For each new character that a player earns in-game they can allocate a set amount of points into different stats to give them different strengths. For example, there are stats to increase a character’s skill with SMGs, Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. A player can also increase its character’s walking speed, grenade-throwing abilities, defense increases and much more.

Although a player must select just one of its characters to start a battle with, they may switch between them during re-spawn time. If a player’s selected character specializes in SMGs and speed, they can switch to their sniper specialist while re-spawning, thus allowing an added depth of strategy and the ability to adapt to what is going on on the battlefield.

Unlike other first person shooter games available today, Mercenary Wars features a unique stat system that players can use to upgrade and customize their lifelike characters. The combat in the game is designed to feel very realistic, while also allowing players to adjust their speed, accuracy, and health stats. Mercenary Wars is set in the not so distant future in a world where order and society as we know them are a thing of the past. The economies of the world have crashed and have been replaced with total chaos. New alliances have been forged and the world is now controlled by well-trained groups of mercenaries. Players must determine who to swear their allegiance to and fight side-by-side to the death, if necessary, in the quest to ensure becoming the new global powerhouse.

Mercenary Wars also features an innovative Artificial Intelligence system where computer controlled “bots” can be used in several ways ranging from practice to enhancing game play. Via four difficulty modes, players can select their desired skill level no matter what their previous FPS experience might be. Other features include multiple gameplay modes, a variety of character types and races, extensive ranking system including more than 50 different character ranks and title, an expansive number of weapons and equipment available for character customization and a built-in player-to-player audio communication tool for enhanced real-world combat simulation.

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) provides heart-pumping fragging action in an Unreal Engine 3-based game.  The modern warfare experience promises multi-player online gaming and twitch-based fast action first-person shooter (FPS) action, resulting in visceral, intense combat unlike any other.  In A.V.A, war has broken out in modern Europe between the European Union (EU) and the Neo Russian Federation (NRF).  As countries across the globe declare sides, the United States and China are locked in a politically fueled stalemate.  When China folds and joins the ranks of the NRF, the US comes to the aid of the sieged EU.  Tensions run high as the two factions square up for unprecedented blood-and-guts urban warfare.  Are your senses keen and your trigger finger primed and ready to take on your enemy in a dense and dirty urban jungle?  Create a character, connect with your friends and clan online and jump into the heat of modern warfare in Alliance of Valiant Arms!

Product Features:

Fast-paced FPS Action Online. Alliance of Valiant Arms carries on’s signature triple-A gaming style, offering players a robust, quick-fragging Unreal Engine 3-based FPS game.   This time the battle takes place in a dilapidated cityscape where around any corner a bloody clash could be waiting. 

Numerous Game Modes. From adrenaline-pumping Team death match to the exacting tactics of an explosive demolition mode, Alliance of Valiant Arms offers a diverse range of intense combat scenarios.  Battle for EU or NRF victory in the Escort Mission where players attempt to shepherd a tank across enemy lines calling for flawless strategy and teamwork.

A Sundry of Maps. Engage in fervent skirmishes or strategic battles across dozens of maps spanning the European continent.  Game developers scoured Europe taking photographs in order to accurately depict maps of actual cities throughout the continent. With no two missions the same, every action-packed location calls for a specific variation of game play tactics.

Wide Variety of Awesome Weapons and Creative Customization. A.V.A offers thousands of devastating weapon variations for players to slice, shoot, blast and obliterate the enemy.  From the barrel to the trigger and everything in between, heinous unique weapons can also be created and optimized to each player’s preferences.  With every upgrade and customization a player’s stats are enhanced as they prepare to wind through city streets, stalking their adversarial prey.

Stop Blinking – The Game Really Looks That Good.  With the polished Unreal Engine 3 technology, A.V.A provides crisp detail and stunning cityscapes as players progress through the war-torn realistic and unforgiving urban landscape of the game’s battlegrounds.  Crumbling corner stores and foreboding dark skyscrapers provide cover for relentless enemies as players seek to fulfill their ominous missions.

Dragon Oath

Dragon Oath is a massively multiplayer game focused on martial arts and community building.  Based on the very popular Chinese novel "Tian Long Ba Bu" (Tale of Eight Demigods), it incorporates many missions and activities that follow the original storyline, which has also been adapted to add new features and characters. These elements allow players to develop their own personalized experiences, and also to foster virtual social relationships, which we have designed to appeal across a diverse range of interests.

The combination of martial arts and community building has strong appeal. Fighting-based games often have high player participation when they are launched due to the excitement level of the content, but users may leave rapidly as their initial enthusiasm fades. Conversely, community-based offerings can experience more gradual growth as they build their relationships with each other.  However, they also tend to have longer life spans since these bonds strengthen over time.

A beautifully rendered ancient Chinese world

In a world growing increasingly smaller, China still seems a faraway and exotic land, with secrets and mysteries of ages past, its history and intentions veiled from most Westerners. Yet behind that veil lies one of the most amazing civilizations the world has ever known. For most of its 5,000-year existence, China has been the largest, most populous, wealthiest, and mightiest nation on Earth. Come explore this rich and ancient culture in Dragon Oath’s recreation of the ancient Chinese world, deeply ingrained with its history and mythologies. Enjoy stunning visuals of the ancient cities, and traditional and not so traditional ancient clothing for your avatar.  You will also experience beautifully rendered avatar skills, with stunningly vivid affects. 

Community System
Join an extensive community with endless ways to have fun. Payers are able to learn more about each other with features that allow you to display your current mood, or get more personal by adding your age and location in real life!  Once you have made many friends, you may find special relationships that develop from them. Players are able to hold an entire wedding ceremony full of parades, fireworks, and even special bonuses for the special couple. Invite your friends and make it a true celebration! If you’re lucky to be playing with family or close friends, you can even become family in game! Together you will have access to unique titles and even bonus experience when fighting together.

Have a friend who is a new player, but you are already much more experienced than they are? You can utilize the Teacher and Disciple function to help train your friend! Together you will have access to particularly rare items, and help each other along the way.

Perhaps the most exciting and involving way to play with your friends is to team up and form a guild. Guilds allow players to communicate more effectively to a large group, of course, but also add some wonderful features that all can enjoy. Guilds are able to create their own city in Dragon Oath! By guild members contributing, you are able to grow and expand your city to provide special items just for your members and advanced recipes for their life skills. Guilds are even able to trade among other guilds and form alliances to stand as some of the most powerful warriors in the world …
Arena Challenge/PK

Every warrior who seeks a more personal touch to their combat can find challenges in other players! In the Arena, players are able to fight in 1-on-1 to see who the best fighter.  If you feel you have a dynamic team, one capable of taking down any challenge, you are able to challenge other teams to test your skill and might in a Team battle.

When players gather in mass to form powerful guilds, many of them will become rivals. In the Arena, guilds may challenge each other in massive combats to establish who is the most powerful clan of warriors in the world! 

In PK mode, players may make more personal challenges from anywhere in the world. Perhaps you come across a very appealing chest just as another warrior passes by. How do you decide who gets the items inside? Challenge each other to a duel in PK mode! Winner takes all!

Life System

Even the most powerful warrior must look inwards and devote themselves to a craft. In Dragon Oath these are known as Life Skills. There are numerous Life Skills that one may choose from to lead a more humble path, or perhaps to make a little extra gold …

With Fishing players are able to catch fish in nearby streams and rivers that are able to be used as ingredients in various recipes for other crafts.

For those with a keen eye for delicious food, players are able to use the Cooking Life skill. The gourmet chefs are able to prepare items that are able to restore the HP and MP of themselves or their allies. Regimen is a skill that allows players to increase the success of their cooking.

An Herbalist has a keen eye for gathering herbs in the wild. They are able to find the precise amounts of flora and fauna in order to provide aid to those who are seeking it. Having the Pharmacology skill raises the success rate of using the Pharmacy.

If it’s underground that you feel most at home, then perhaps Mining is for you. Ores and rare metals can be found and given to someone with the Blacksmithing skill in order to make powerful weapons.

Having a green thumb will lead players to the Planting skill. By harvesting different items and materials, you will gain access to both ingredients for cooking and materials for tailoring.

A skilled Jeweler is able to craft magnificent and beautiful items players are able to use as accessories to increase their attributes and become more powerful warriors.

Along with the standard life skills, each class offers a Class Life Skill which delves even deeper into their path. These are unique to the abilities that are taught from the masters in the temples, and can provide for some interesting items.

24/7 Nonstop In-Game Events

Dragon Oath features a multitude of events that are going on constantly in game. Challenge yourself with the Imperial Test. Be asked several questions, and if you answer them correctly you will be handsomely rewarded for your knowledge.
Have a craving for battle? Engage yourself in a class battle, where you are able to challenge other classes in combat to test who is really the mightiest. You can even challenge yourself by entering the Kung Fu Arena where up to 64 participants will fight it out in the biggest tournament in the world!

The noblest Kung Fu warriors will seek to protect their lands from many dangers. Several times a day you will find that your temple may come under assault! Major cities may also fall under siege from thieves. You must stop these assaults at all costs!

For those seeking treasure or materials in the wild, beware! There are times when more than just the occasional monster will attack. Be on the lookout for the Horse Raider, or the notorious Boss Patrol to push you aside and take all the glory.
Compete with fellow herbalists in Herbs War, where very rare herbs will appear in the wild. Only the most observant will find these hard to find materials for their best known recipes.

Players can enjoy more companionship by collecting friends’ signatures to receive awards!  Guilds are able to seek out information on other guilds out there to perhaps one day form a powerful alliance! Teachers who train their disciples well will receive rewards once they reach certain levels. Sticking to their lessons will prove to be beneficial to both master and student.

There are many instances where players are able to travel to remote locations all over the world and take on special challenges with their friends or by themselves! Many powerful enemies await, are you up to the challenge?

All great warriors seek companionship. In Dragon Oath you will find a unique world with many pets that are oftentimes as loyal as they are deadly. With up to 70 kinds of pets, each having their own character and personality that shows when their master is being attacked, a warrior will never truly feel alone on the battlefield.

Players may even find ways to breed their pets with those of their friends in order to make even more powerful ones. Doing this can lead to a variety of very interesting combinations of pets to make deadly allies in battle, or just a friend when you’re running through town!  Pets are able to learn many abilities either from growing stronger or finding trainers all over the world. Make it a challenge to teach your pet to perhaps boost your weakness or support your strengths!  See which one works best for you and your class!

Players of course have access to a pet manual that will help answer any questions they may have regarding their pets or how to better take care of them. After all if you take care of your pet, it is sure to take care of you!


When going into battle it is important for every warrior to be well protected. Dragon Oath features thousands of different kinds of equipment. Players are able to upgrade their weapons and armor by inlaying them with special items or even mystic gems that increase their attributes and effects. By wearing a set of specific armor the player will also experience bonuses unique to each set of armors.

Because everyone wants to be unique, there are many different fashions that players are able to choose from. There are even patterns that will be dropped by enemies that can be made into wonderful garments by the players themselves!

For those concerned with losing their hard-earned equipment in battle there are several ways to protect your items. Players are able to Inscribe, Bind, and set a Senior Password on their equipment. Each provides different options for your character to keep their items, or be more risky and have them dropped upon death! For those looking for a challenge or looking to get your hands on that shiny armor that Royalty is wearing, this can be a fun option!
Epic Story
All of Dragon Oath’s features revolve around its rich story. All of the game’s classes, cities, martial arts, and story plots are from the original Dragon Oath story. This unique world is based on ancient Chinese mythology that throws you into the midst of conflicting nations. Each of the classes is based on a demi-god who embodies a way of martial arts and calls upon them and their followers to shape the future of China.   

Trade System

In the ancient Chinese world, a merchant can come in many forms. As a warrior travelling the world, you are sure to gather many rare items you may not need, but certainly could use some coin in exchange. Players are able to trade directly with other players in any way they like. They may also peddle items and pets in cities to see the fruits of their labor. For the warrior looking to develop a strong market, players are even able to own their own personal shop in cities selling a variety of goods!

User-Friendly Design

Players will find themselves put to ease with the many helpful features available in Dragon Oath. One of the most helpful is the Auto Path Finding. With this function players are able to open the local area map and travel automatically to the selected location. During quests, NPC coordinates will be shown and the player can click on their coordinates to travel straight to them. This gives you time to read the detailed storyline involved in the quest while running to their location.
While fighting together, the leader of the team is the one who is really in charge, and is able to set the modes in which experience is granted to the team.

While exploring, the world map is beautifully detailed with descriptions in each area of enemy level ranges and what areas connect to others to help players avoid in the confusion of getting lost in this massive world!

Each class has their own mount specific to them, representing the uniqueness of each class and what they stand for. Even new players can join in on the fun in Da Li by mounting the Eagle for free at any time!   

Superstar Racing

Superstar Racing is an arcade-style formula racing MMORPG with tens of millions of races completed by over million players! Create your unique character and racing team and invite your friends to join it. Meet and chat with other players from all over the world and challenge them to race with you on formula racing tracks. Attend the Global Tournament which follows the real world F1 competition and see if you are the one who wins the Superstar Racing Championship of the year! Shop for new clothes for your character, buy upgrades to your car and participate in special community events. Complete all Level Tasks and Achievements, race hard and finally you become a rich and famous Superstar Racer! Superstar Racing is free to play, but to get on the highest levels and to get all the cool features you are able to purchase VIP subscription or buy single VIP features with CR$. World-known advertisers may also offer you free sponsored VIP and give you a chance to win amazing prizes in the real world!