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Gekkeiju Online

Gekkeiju Online is a completely free-to-play fantasy-themed 3D multiplayer online role-playing game that has been running since 2003. The game is full of totally unique features never seen in any Graphical Online Role-Playing Game before.

Join players from all over the world, go hunting together, participate the weekly official events, form clans or maybe just explore the huge world full of challenging quests, amazing treasures and unique features. All this for completely free.

Are you ready to enter probably the Best Online Role-Playing Game ever?


Florensia invites you to immerse into a world of scattered islands and the huge Hoomanil Ocean. You can travel and fight both on shore and at sea. Thus you can grow your personal characters and ships to become an individual hero. The outstanding anime style graphics and numerous features create a stunning atmosphere. Whether exploring sinister dungeons, relaxing in the marvelous towns, travelling through the countryside or over the ocean, there are countless possibilities for all kinds of players. What will you experience in the world of Florensia?

Free-2-Play: Florensia is a completely free next-gen Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) from Japan – sign up, download the game and play for free.

High 3D Quality From Japan: Outstanding anime style graphics, varied towns, impressive settings for your vision of the perfect fantasy world

Dual Battle System: The unique dual battle system allows you to increase both land and sea levels and skills independently at your own choice

12 Playable Classes: Choose between the four basic classes named Mercenary, Explorer, Noble, Saint and switch to one of eight extended classes at level 40

5 Different Ship Types: Build an Armored Ship, Assault Ship, Big Gun Ship, Maintenance Ship or Torpedo Ship with up to 12 parts in different sizes. Hire a skilful crew to explore the Ocean

Legendary Encounters: Meet incredibly strong boss monsters, withstand their unpredictable actions with the perfect strategy and earn precious treasures. A race against the time through a tower with 100 floors invites you to tempt fate for honor and glory

Epic Background Story: Various quests and riddles lead your steps through the tragic history of Florensia and allow you to benefit from precious rewards

Together or Alone: You can play together with your friends, create a party or establish a strong guild

Skills and Strategies: Fight against other players in a 1on1 or party versus party PvP mode and prepare yourself for upcoming sieges, harbor occupation, guild and faction wars

Battle Zones: Train in Free Battle Zones or participate in two-fisted fights in the War Zones where every strike counts; it is up to you to decide if and how you want to fight

Which Side Will You Choose: Whether as Pirate or as ambassador of the Royal Army – both sides have their pros and cons within the scope of their conflict. It’s time to find out which side suits you best!

Trade And Production: Fish for rare goods, get production materials from old equipment pieces. You can also purchase trade items, ship them over the dangerous Ocean and if you are lucky, you’ll sell them at a profit somewhere else in the end

International Community: Meet players from all over the Western Global world who come together in ten language-based worlds and in the international forum. Game translation and support are available in seven languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish

Taste the salt on your lips while a gentle breeze from the seaside fondles your heated face. You feel how the magic flows through you and you are ready to meet every challenge. The world’s stability is fragile and you need strong allies to fight against sinister monsters on shore and at sea. Explore the world of Florensia!


Faldon is a free online role-playing game. You can explore the world, fight monsters, craft items, and interact with other players. Faldon does not limit a player’s abilities and skills with class restrictions.

Adventure awaits in the many towns, dungeons, deserts and forests of Faldon. Compete for rank on the Top 50 Ladder, form guilds and sell on the market.

Level up, raise skills, learn spells. There’s always much to do. You can also play soccer or become a peace-loving alchemist, chef or blacksmith. You have the freedom to develop your character the way you want to.

Heroes of Three Kingdoms

China is in the midst of a bloody civil war. From the countless skirmishes, three leaders stand poised to take leadership and unite the country under one banner. Will it be Liu Bei of Shu, the ruthless Cao Cao of Wei or Sun Quan of Wu?

As a soldier in training you have no affiliations, it is up to you to pick a side and lead them to victory. Determine your play style on the fly with your choice of 18 historic weapons and ride your trusty steed into fierce battles. Non-combat professions will allow access to limited resources not found anywhere else, but make haste, the battle is upon us!

Rise through the ranks and lead your loyal army on your quest to end one of the bloodiest periods in history and unite all of China.