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Legendary Champions

Champion Transformation
More than 60 Champions in all, players can unlock a variety of historical and mythological icons, including Dracula, King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Lu Bu, Beowulf, and more. Once transformed, champions can use a powerful set of skills and abilities, unique to the character.
PvP, CTF, and DotA Inspired Battlefields
Players looking to spice up their MMO combat experience can engage in thrilling PvP, CTF (capture the flag), and DotA inspired battlefields. Choose your side, transform into your favorite champion, and smash through minions, monsters, towers, and players, on your way to victory.

The God Beasts (Guild Raids)
Strategy is everything. Challenge terrible monstrosities with your guild, but be warned, it will take 20-30 highly trained players, acting as one cohesive unit, to take down one of these massive beasts. Guilds able to slay a God Beast will be rewarded with extremely valuable treasure, gold, and prestige.

Vast Character Customization

Choose from over 10,000 different weapons, armor pieces, costumes, and trinkets! Characters have 24 different equipment slots to ensure each character stands out from the crowd. Each piece of gear can be upgraded through a unique and user-friendly enchantment system. With every successful enchantment, your character’s gear visibly changes, proving your might.

East Meets West
Explore a large, awe-inspiring fantasy landscape where some of the greatest figures from all corners of the world, meet on the battlefield. Legendary Champions draws from a variety of sources, including history, myth, and popular culture.