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Oz World

Oz World is a 3D social MMO where players can explore a virtual world, fish, decorate a home and their avatars.  You can spend your time fishing while chatting with friends. Customize your avatar and even your very own home.


Operation7 is a FPS MMO that offers outstanding features like high quality sounds and dynamic game play with incredible customization of characters and weapons. One of the most special features in Operation7 is the gun modification system. Players are able to modify and customize their guns as detailed as they want. If you are sick using the same guns like everyone else you can now modify your weapons by your own favor including changes in all parts of a gun like dot sights, scopes, knobs, silencers, bun body and barrels. Therefore you are able to build up your own unique gun! In addition all the components can be used with protective color to give your weapon a special look. Each gun will vary in range and accuracy depending on the components used.

Operation7 has its focus on modern day combat. So expect to go into battle with the usual suspects: AK-47s, M4s, MP5s, M16, AUG, MAC10, K2 are just some of them. Players have a chance to experience authentic weapons which current soldiers in the world are using. Another outstanding feature is the Lean Mode. It gives the player more flexibility in the way he shoots or walks. Gamers are able to hide behind objects and walls and shoot by leaning to the side to have more protection and cover. Once you get used to the Lean Mode, you do not want to miss it. The slogan of Operation7 “It could only take one shot. The one who aims first, kills first” shows you that this game focuses also on realism and its realistic target system. Also each map has its own character and style to play. In an open area map for example it’s recommended to aim and fire from a distance since it is nearly impossible to survive long enough to get into close combat. Operation7 also supports scope mode, dot sight mode and gun sight mode. These features definitely give the game more realistic feeling and dynamic game play than other FPS.

Operation7 has five game modes: Head Hunting, Death Match, Survival, Demolition, and Hold the Line. The Game rooms support up to 24 players which can vary by the selected game mode. The host has the possibility to manage game settings like game time, friendly fire and number of kills required for victory.

– Headhunting: A head for each team is chosen by turns. The team who kills the opposing team’s head wins.
– Death match: Win or loss is determined based on the total kills of each team.
– Survival: Game continues until every member of one team dies. The death of the team captain results in an immediate defeat
– Demolition: The teams must protect or blow up the designated areas.
– Hold the Line: The team must try to take over the neutral flag in each area or try to occupy more places than the enemy to win.

Key features of Operation7

Operation7 features a wide range of outstanding features including:

– Worlds-most advanced gun customization
– Most realistic game play
– Award-winning detailed sound effects: over 700 thrilling sounds like real shooting and breathing
– Maps are based on real places
– Character customization
– Hide and Lean Mode
– Speedy pace
– Lots of cool skins
– Various shooting modes: scope Mode, dot sight mode and also gun sight mode
– Breath holding option in sniper mode
– Butt strike and grenade concussion
– Free to play, no monthly fees, free download

GetAmped 2

A.D. 2120.

Nearly half a century after mankind first jumped out of the solar system and had numerous unexpected encounters in the center of the Galaxy…. In the Earth’s second satellite, the floating city of Wingdom, The second act of the GetAmped Tournament has begun!

Through all around the world, even from outer space, came the well-known fighters to prove that they are the best. The Tournament looked as if it was the ultimate tournament to choose who the No.1 was. Because the Tournament was a memorial tournament to introduce the planet Earth to the Galaxy, the people were excited as if they were celebrating the new start of mankind.

On the other hand, a conspiracies of the mysteries terrorist organization "Val Shark Army" and other foreign country that did not want the success of the tournament were surrounding Wingdom …


Batheo is a browser-based MMORPG that lets gamers directly enter into fierce and glorious ancient battles between Gods, Giants and Heroes, without having to go through strategy game conventions like managing resources and building troops.

Batheo gets gamers back into ancient Greek chaos to march on over 13 large instances and meet over 100 ancient gods and other mythical creatures in epic battlefields. There are up to 72 troop types and 10 formations for gamers to choose from. Gamers can deploy different troops and formations based on their own judgment of battlefield situations.

Hades, the insatiable God of the Underworld, who is unpleased with his limited domination incites the other gods into fighting each other on earth, turning the earth into a chaotic havoc …

You, as a hero of this land, are destined to wake the manipulated gods from lies and deceptions and call on them to join you to rise up against Hades. In the mean time, the other gods led by Zeus, Poseidon and Athena split into three factions with smoldering hatred and hostility among them. You now have to choose one …