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CardMon Hero

CardMon Hero is a free-to-play MMORPG for PC in which players take on the role of a Hero that can create, discover, recruit and summon Mercenaries to aid in battle using a deck of cards. Call Mercenaries to battle tough enemies, in combination with your Skill cards, as you adventure through an expansive and persistent world. Join thousands of others in a card-summoning adventure through hundreds of quests, over 70 instances and countless combinations of Mercenary and Skill cards to be discovered.


• Card Summoning System – Discover, craft and deploy skill and mercenary cards to aid your Hero in battle.

• Role Distribution System – Mercenaries have different strengths and abilities making the combination you choose essential for success against tough enemies and challenges.

• Card Combination System – Combine ingredients from mercenary, skill, and recipe cards to upgrade skills and unleash awesome powers.

• Extensive Hunting Mode – Join a party or band the guild to face strong monsters that yield unique rewards and rare items, scaling up in difficulty as you gain Mission Points.

• Quests without the grind – Complete quests by adventuring through numerous zones and maps that don’t require players to grind. Level up through quests that Heroes can overcome on their own or challenging quests that will offer greater rewards with the cooperation of your friends.

Myth Angels Online

Myth Angels Online is a 2D, fantasy MMORPG based on Greek mythology. The Gods have called for brave warriors to fight against the forces of evil, and players must take up this challenge. Explore the world of myths and battle fearsome monsters.

Exciting combat
Fast combat pace! Magnificent battle effects! The incredible feeling of being invincible against a hundred enemies! All new COMBO Hit system generates more exhilarating battles!! Fight an army of fierce monsters to the death! Eliminate battalions of enemies instantly with powerful skills.

Various ways of looting
Besides general monster striking and treasure dropping, there are various ways of acquiring treasures such as through defeating random monsters with high treasure drop rate and passing stages with highly evaluated rewards. By incorporating tactical battling strategies, this game is more than a monotonous game of monster striking and treasure looting. Generous rewards for passing stages, the higher the points the bigger the rewards!

Integrating and decomposing equipment
Unique equipment integrating and decomposing systems put items at their best use. Even the weapons and armors that can’t be equipped can be used efficiently in other ways, thus preventing them from being sold as junk. Who says heavenly equipment has to be crafted? Inconspicuous equipment can be enhanced through integration!If you don’t want to bother with selling the equipment, decomposing is also a good choice. You’ll also get the chance of gaining experience essence!

Enhanced pet sytem

Innovative pet system with a maximum carrying capacity of 10 pets!! Players are able to arrange pet formations according to their preferences and to maximize pets’ abilities. Arbitrary allocation of pets in a 5×5 grid. Each pet has its own skills and characteristics and can be arranged according to the type of enemy that has to be dealt with.

Powerful battle machine
The robot has been transformed into a battle machine from a mining tool and by implementing slaying skills, its power and practicality have been substantially upgraded. Possessing a solid armor and destructive power, the robot allows you to run over enemies in an instance, making you unopposed.

Instance battlefield
Myth Angels Online allows players form teams and open instances to avoid issues such as overcrowding, lack of monsters or fighting over monsters. Joining existing teams upon entering an instance allows easier and faster team formation. There are different rewards for stages with different levels of difficulty. Both novice and veteran players can select levels of difficulty that are suitable to their character level! Every instance can accommodate at most one 5-member team and offers three different levels of difficulty.TOP

Specific fighting targets
Illustrated Handbook of BOSS and treasures dropped by BOSS are provided in the game for players. Whichever equipment or skill the players are looking for can be found easily, and they can find out which map and which stage to go for treasure looting.

Victory speech
After defeating BOSS at all levels, champion who delivered the final killing blow will be able to display his or her victory speech, which is entered in advance, on all players’ screens. Show off your hard-won victory with your teammates!

Metal Assault

Metal Assault (often referred to as MA) is a free-to-play 2D shooter game developed by GNI & Sesi Soft and published by Aeria Games.


Player vs Player

Fight against your fellow players through four different gameplay modes in 12 different maps! Take on the other team in Deathmatch, hone your skills in Practice, attempt to take out a player-turned-zombie, or attempt to capture the other team’s base.

Cooperative Gameplay
Jump into cooperative gameplay with other players against legions of walking undead or minions of the unknown enemy. Pit yourselves against zombies in base defense, escaping an infested building, and protecting members of your R.O.C unit.

Missions and Quests
Unravel the story behind the mysterious laboratory attack through a series of missions. These can be undertaken independently or as a team! Can you reach the leaderboard?

Vehicular Slaughter
Jump into mortar cannons and personal combat suits to get extra firepower against the oncoming enemy! Teamwork! Jump into the gunner’s seat and get ready for a wild ride! Tanks are multi-person vehicles, allowing up to three people to take control of various weapons.

In Metal Assault, there is not a traditional MMORPG class system. Instead, players choose a Character to play. Each character has their own specializations and customization options.

There are several different interfaces within Metal Assault. This section helps you navigate your way through them, including the HERZ city interface, as well as game lobbies, game rooms, and in-game interfaces.

Game Controls
In order to become a successful mercenary-turned-soldier, you will need to learn the full range of actions available to your character. In this section, you find controls on movement, dodging, changing terrain levels, hotkeys, and more.

Game Modes
Play against other players, against zombies, or complete missions to gain experience and rewards. This section outlines the differences between game modes, whether you’re guarding your home base or completing checkpoints against waves of zombies!

Vehicles: Increasing the level of awesome

Some game modes have vehicles available for defense and offense. Learn more about them in this section, as well as their capacity for blowing up the opposition!

Kingdom Heroes

Epic Kingdom-wide Combat
Experience PvP action on a scale like no other. Venture into battle to raze enemy forts and strongholds; or join other player armies to take over entire cities and ports, with each conquest and defeat changing the tide of war.

Ship-Based PvP

Players experience the rare opportunity of convening on a seafaring vessel to take down enemies. Ships are tied to the in-game guild system, and the captain of the ship can assign navigation, gunnery and repair roles. Up to seven players can work these roles on one vessel – but many more can be on the ship’s deck as support raiders.

Siege Engines
For ultimate conquest, and when players absolutely, positively must kill every last enemy soldier in a stronghold – look no further than siege weapons. Player armies can use ballistae, catapults, trebuchets or battering rams for a lightning-quick assault, or a full-on brute force siege of city defenses.

Resource Management

Player-conquered cities can become vital sources of income for a guild. Once a city is taken over, an administrator is put in charge to develop building upgrades and defenses, and is rewarded with taxes collected on local business. However, greedy players will soon find their coffers empty as the pulse of the market travels elsewhere.

Customizable Armies
Players can customize their formidable armies to a great extent, from diverse unit categories to different types of formations and marching orders. Players can even give old armor pieces to soldiers to bolster strength for the battles that lie ahead.