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Cloud Nine

CloudNine is a fantasy MMORPG based on the conflicts between two nations: Primus Union, who fights for loyalty, and Ganav Libero who fights for freedom. It is the first game launched through NETGAME since the launch of FPS game OPERATION7 in 2008.

Unlike other MMORPG games available today, CloudNine features unique "Monster" systems such as:

* Monster Transformation system – a System where they can turn themselves into a Monster. Users can enjoy transforming into powerful Monsters and fighting against the other users in the monster’s form. Some of the Quests can only be completed by transforming into a Monster.

* Monster Card Collection -Monster Cards are a good method of gathering important information about Monsters. You may register Monster Cards in a Monster Book.

* Monster Taming/Riding – Players may capture Monsters in the field and turn them into their own Pets. The Captured Monster can be trained, Leveled Up, equipped with items and fight after being summoned. The Captured Monster becomes their Pet in Guild Fights and Monster Hunting for players to enjoy adventuring together with them.

* Class Revolve – a character may choose another class which is their Sub-Class. There is no penalty for having two classes and players can switch their class anytime they want depending on the situation.

* Seven Sign Combo

* Dungeon Building system

Oh and certainly don’t miss the super cool transportation system – HUMAN CANNON! Cloud Nine uses Human Cannons for long distance transportation. Hop in to the cannon and it will shoot you to where you want to go! Don’t worry about landing, your characters are stronger than steel!

Champions Online


* Hi-Octane Excitement: Champions Online: Free for All delivers furious, fast-paced encounters previously reserved for action and fighting games. No more boring auto attacks and lengthy recharge times. Champions Online: Free for All combat is instantaneous — and electrifying!
* Brains Required: Every enemy and super-powered threat in Champions Online: Free for All has its own unique abilities and combat specialties. Use your head — or wind up dead!
* Bring Friends, Make Friends: The Champions universe is jam-packed with thousands of heroes, facing thousands of threats. Join up with other heroes, create your own superteam, and prepare to take on the ultimate threats!


* Total Customization: Choose from thousands of different costume pieces, colors and body types to create your character’s one-of-a-kind costume and look. There are billions of possible combinations, and in a universe brimming with the fantastic and the unforgettable, you can still be completely unique!
* Your Powers, Your Terms: There are a multitude of astonishing powers to choose from in Champions Online: Free for All, and its flexible character creation system gives you total control over your hero’s abilities. You can even pick the appearance of your powers. Do you want purple force fields? Green fire blasts? Jet black claws? In Champions Online: Free for All, you decide!
* Keep Your Enemies Close: Every hero must have an archenemy. In Champions Online: Free for All, you design your character’s supreme adversary, choosing a name, powers and costume for a superpowered foe to bedevil your hero throughout his or her career.
* Bigger and Better: Vanquish evil and your successes will be rewarded with costume pieces to enhance your powers and abilities. Then customize the appearance of those rewards to your vision of your hero’s look and abilities!


* Endless Exploration: The battle against evil in Champions Online: Free for All rages across the world into outer space and alternate dimensions. No other MMOG offers players the chance to explore such diverse realms — from the shining skyscrapers of Millennium City and the frozen wastes of Canada to the hidden underwater city of Lemuria, the foul mystical dimension known as Qliphotic, the burning desert, and the mysterious Vibora Bay.
* Evil Most Foul: Battle supervillains, aliens, giant monsters and secret, sinister organizations. Doctor Destroyer is launching new plans to conquer the world. VIPER lurks in the shadows, seeking chances to strike at humanity. The ancient Lemurians are plotting a return to power. And Mechanon won’t stop until it has wiped all organic life from the planet. Can you stop these heinous threats to humanity?
* Make Your Mark: The story of Champions Online: Free for All is constantly changing, continually evolving. Villains are defeated. Heroes rise and fall. Cities transform. Your actions may decide the future!

Realm of the Titans

Realm of the Titans is a bold, new take on the popular action strategy genre. In ROTT, two teams of up to five heroes face off on a dangerous and dynamic battlefield in an attempt to take total control of the map. As each team advances across the field of combat, they seize control points that spawn waves of NPC minions to assist them in the conflict. Players who perform well in battle are awarded points that can be used during the match to upgrade their hero’s powers and abilities. The game is meticulously designed to reward teamwork and tactics, and encourage fluid and fast-paced competitive gameplay.

Apart from offering players dynamic battlefields, enhanced item purchasing, and the return of key DotA features, ROTT also includes:

• In-Depth Ranking Features – Level up in the game while making your way up the leaderboards by defeating higher-ranked players.

• Advanced Matchmaking System – In ROTT, you can automatically be matched up with other suitable partners and competitors.

• Robust Statistics & Record Tracking – Battle data and match history is saved on the server. Players can review their past performances and share favorite replays with friends.