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Legend of Martial Arts

Based on the Chinese TV drama, "My Own Swordsman," Legend of Martial Arts offers players unique character customization with a distinctive cartoon style set in a traditional Chinese background. While setting forth to uncover a mysterious secret and legend of martial arts, players can look forward to seeing slap stick humor throughout the 3D world as well as in quests that transcends cultural barriers.

Key Features

* Martial Art Disciplines – Select and master your own martial art discipline to become a legend

* Reavers Race – A demonic, non-human race that possesses special magical skills, choose to play as either the Berserker or Oracle class
    o Berserker class – Transform into a cat or wolf to greatly improve physical abilities
    o Oracle class – Summon gods from the underworld to activate special and more powerful magic spells

* Transformation System – Over 100 different transformations available from purely aesthetic to others that bolster character attributes with passive benefits and skills

* Weapons and Equipment – Choose from a variety of weapons ranging from deadly scythes to a number of silly, everyday household items including a plunger, guitar or frying pan

* Legendary Weapon System – Achieve the top ranks on the leader boards and attain unique weapons to become a legend

* Expansive Zones – Discovery in-depth zones including special starting areas for the underworld race

* PvP Dungeons – Explore dungeons for loot and fight other players for the right to take down powerful monsters and bosses

* Dungeon Matchmaking/Queue System

* Character Personalization – Choose from hundreds of different fashion styles and customization options

Lucent Heart

Welcome to the World of Lucent Heart!

Lucent Heart, the award-winning hit game from Japan, is a Zodiac-inspired Anime MMORPG, which combines exciting RPG gameplay with an unprecedented social experience. Interact with friends, find love, and explore the world of Acadia – all for free!

Game Features

• Unique Zodiac System
Players are imbued with power from the heavens, granting special skills, daily “horoscope” enhancements, and the ability to transform into a powerful “Zodiac” form — all based on their birthday and star sign. The Zodiac System extends throughout the game, affecting everything from combat to character emotions, creating an experience like never before.

• Let Cupid Match You With Your Soul Mate
With an extensive matchmaking service, players can find true love and enjoy its benefits both on and off the battlefield. Meet your perfect match using the highly personalized “Cupid System" and strengthen relationships through “Soul Mate” quizzes and quests. If things go really well, you can marry your sweetheart in a wedding complete with invitations, a church ceremony, rings, and bridal/groom wear. …And should things start to not go so well, it’s still possible to divorce (no lawyers’ fees required)!

• “Social Interaction” Like Never Before
In addition to the Cupid Service, players can boost friends’ stats with wishes, create in-game comics to share with others, and communicate using a variety of elaborate emotes. Adventuring players can set up guild matches using the quick auto-balance system, battle to the death in the PvP arena, or fight alongside their love in “date only” dungeons.

• Survive Ancient Dungeons, Challenge Powerful Bosses, and Unearth Lost Riches

With four base classes, and eight advanced classes to choose from — each with unique skills and Zodiac affects — Lucent Heart offers a robust RPG experience. A world of adventures await players – from exploring dangerous labyrinths and defeating ruthless bosses to fighting through waves of relentless mobs.

• Extensive Pet System and Combat Mounts
Obtain and customize a wide selection of unique pets and mounts. Players can choose up to three to fight alongside them at a time. Pets not only affect characters’ stats, they can even evolve and change color based what they are fed. Mounts aren’t only for long-distance transportation; they can also be ridden in combat, offering players mount-specific speed and stat boosts to aid them in battle.

• Player-Driven Crafting Economy

Become a renowned crafter and use the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) system to advertise your services in town. Trade, buy, or sell materials and try your hand at six crafting professions, including Blacksmith, Tailor, Alchemist, Jeweler, Card Designer, and Machinist.

Genesis AD

Genesis AD places players in the role of a futuristic, next-generation soldier with a dynamic arsenal of advanced weaponry, including a vicious nail gun that pins foes to the wall for additional damage. Fraggers and fighters engage each other in ultramodern maps, utilizing a variety of amped-up abilities: jumping off walls, leaping beyond the line of fire, boosting across huge distances or cloaking from enemy sight.

In Genesis AD, players have access to a variety of advanced weaponry and armor abilities:

    * Amped-up abilities – Genesis AD takes combat to the extreme by giving players the ability to jump off walls, leap out of the line of fire, boost themselves across huge distances instantly or cloak temporarily from enemy sight.
    * Pin enemies down, literally! – Genesis AD’s advanced weapons include the Spouter, which temporarily slows down and disorients opponents with a concussive blast, and the Quantum and NCS99, which blast energized spikes and pins downed opponents to the wall.
    * Three distinct character classes – Players of all types will find a character class to fit their skill set in Genesis AD. From the powerful Assault Class to the nimble and covert Sniper Class to the helpful Supplier Class, diversity is the key to a strong team as groups of gamers battle to be the best.


Zentia is a beautifully rendered MMORPG world where players will step into the shoes of one of 22 former immortals who are tasked with fixing the mortal realm. Players must fight or subdue the demons, monsters and chaos that were let loose upon the world.