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Firefall is a team-based action shooter combining deep character progression with a cooperative campaign in a dynamic, persistent open world that can be shared with hundreds of other players. Firefall will also have a rich competitive multiplayer component incorporating built-in features such as army support, ladders, tournaments and stats.

Firefall takes place on Earth, but it is an Earth transformed. The year is 2233. A highly efficient form of energy was discovered by utilizing the resource Crystite. The overuse of Crystite led to the disastrous arrival of the Melding, an energy storm that has engulfed the majority of the planet. You play as a surviving human in the eye of the Melding storm.

Recently, humanity has been fighting for survival against a race calling themselves the Chosen. They emerged from the Melding with only one known goal, the destruction of the human race.


Picaroon is a free-to-play strategy MMO set in a watery world where the inhabitants fight for the land and resources that remain above sea-level.

* Explore or conquer your way across a vast landscape with huge fleets of ships.

* Collect and deploy more than 200 special cards to enhance your growing empire or increase your attack potency.

* Revel in a unique climax: mammoth ships appear alongside submarines launching nuclear tipped missiles.

* Strategies for all players, builders, attackers, defenders and diplomats.

* PvP: compete against hundreds of other players on the same map!

* 23 upgradable buildings and 8 upgradable sea and air units.

* Persistent game world: the game is on even when you’re not.

Drakensang Online

The time has come for a new order of warrior to step into battle and fight the terrifying dragons and savage monsters of the Anderworld. Join your comrades to wage a brutal war against evil in Drakensang Online, the epic new browser-based action RPG game. Prepare yourself for Drakensang Online:

* Extraordinary 3D graphics and effects directly in your browser
* Epic story with countless quests
* Breathtaking range of landscapes filled with hostile monsters

As a fearless Dragonknight freedom fighter or a wise and magical Spellweaver, you must unite with your fellow warriors within the Drakensang Online game and learn new skills for one last, epic struggle for freedom. Across a vast range of landscapes, through treacherous swamps, forests, caves and cities, you must wage war against dragons, witches and monsters, drawing upon an impressive armory of weapons and a bewildering array of magic and spells at your disposal. Play Drakensang Online now for free!

Tribal Trouble 2

Tribal Trouble 2 is a browser-based RTS game that takes place in the zany age of the Vikings. You are the Chief of a Viking tribe and are responsible for making a name for yourself by conquest and skill.

First you must build up your home town. Build and upgrade buildings to give yourself advantages in battle, access to new missions and flashy perks. You take on the role of a Viking chieftain and lead your tribe to conquer or defend islands.

The most quests you complete the more gold you acquire. With that gold you can buy new troops, upgrades and cosmetic items for your chieftain. Lead your Vikings to islands to drive off enemies and find treasure. As you progress you will gain loot to fund more expeditions. Try to unlock and defeat all the island challenges.

Then for a real challenge you can compete against other players for glory and loot.

For years the Vikings have battled each other for the best islands, loot and reputation. However there are rumors of a new menace sailing the seas …