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C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal

Continent of the Ninth Seal takes players to the fantasy world of Tampera, in which they fight against evil forces and gigantic monsters. Utilising extremely powerful melee, ranged and magical skills, players will fight swarms of evil, demonic forces using FPS style controls in a huge, dungeon-based 3D world.

Players can create their characters from a choice of four classes, including Fighters, ranged-combat focused Hunters, magic based Shamans, and Witchblades who combine bladed weapons with magical attacks. Each class has a choice of higher ranked positions to evolve into, such as Guardians, Assassins, Illusionists, or Nightstalkers.

The game is aimed at fans of action RPGs as well as combat and beat’em up games, and offers an extensive combo system, which will spice up combat both in PvE as well as in the multiple styles of PvP conflict. MMO fans can look forward to Relay Matches for up to 16 players, Deathmatches, Team, and Individually Ranked matches, as well as many PK opportunities.

The world of Tampera consists of dungeons and instances, allowing chaotic invasions at higher levels. There’s also a special “Hell Mode” instance for the bravest of heroes, granting extremely rare items as precious rewards.

Aida Arenas

Welcome to the world of Aida!

For many years, the Loghengramm Kingdom and the Republic of Mycenae lived in peace. Free of material possessions or desires, the people of Aida were content and carefree.

Then one day, a lonely miner made a world-shattering discovery – an underground maze beneath Aida home to the ancient riches and treasures of a past civilization!

Gold, Jewels, Armor, Weapons, and … Magic Chickens?

It turns out the world below Aida was filled with wealth the entire time!

It wasn’t long before the nations of Loghengramm and Mycenae charged into battle with each other in a race to claim the lost civilization’s treasure. Fighters, Gladiators, Ninjas, and even Clerics and Priestesses were rushing underground in search of wealth and celebrity. Naturally, grand arenas were built where adventurers could battle over the treasure, further fueling the rivalry between the two greedy nations.

Welcome to the new Aida, a land where victory and wealth are everything!

Five Unique Classes

Play as one of five unique character classes, each with their own fighting style, skills, and abilities.

* Fighter
* Cleric
* Gladiator
* Priestess
* Ninja

Personalize Your Character

Over 800 items, armors, and skills are yours to collect! Change your character’s look and appearance, while also expanding their abilities.
Find and Make Your Own Items – "Enchant them"

Give weapons magic abilities, test your luck enhancing them, and even craft your own from materials you find in Aida.
Class-based Combat

Each different character class has their own unique fighting style, creating an exciting strategic battle system.
Co-Operative Story Mode

Play through the Aida Arenas story alone or with up to 4 other players.
Competitive PvP Modes

Face-off with up to 16 other players in action-packed modes like Arena Hustle – where you fight on moving stages!
Party System

Earn bonus items and experience for playing together with your friends and other players.
Fun Social Features

Create a friends list or form a clan and rise the ranks to become the top adventurer in all the land!
Collect Chickens

That’s right! Collect chickens that lay eggs filled with valuable items, including: Rare Items, and pets.

Hailan Rising

Enter the fantasy realm of Hailan, a battle stricken land of swords and conflict! All lands and kingdoms of the world have been eradicated in the midst of an ethereal war waged upon the soil of the mortal realm. Only a few beings of the Hailan continent have survived the siege. The remnants of two Hailan nations now race to claim and resettle what is leftover of the world.

Choose your class and faction then join the PVP battle immediately! Learn new combat abilities from any class while powering up your own.

This MMORPG removes traditional character levels, allowing all to engage in PVP upon entering Hailan Rising for the very first time.

Carte: TCG

Carte is the first truly global online trading card game. Players can  face off against anyone, anywhere, anytime in the world, and with its easy to learn system the game will appeal to both beginners and TCG enthusiasts alike.

Dive into a vivid universe with unique factions, each with their own distinct art and creative art styles!  Carte introduces five nations locked in eternal combat over the land of Arcadia.  First formed by the god, who left behind 5 Great Spirits to tend to the new world.  Each Kingdom represents one of the Spirits, battling for dominance in their name.  Become a member of The Iron Empire, and represent Aspire; slither into the Kingdom of Darkness, who represents Kaideron; bloom in the Kingdom of Nature under the eye of Sierron; pray for the blessing of Saike in the Divine Empire; or learn to master powerful spells in the Magician’s Association, who revere Archan.