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Born to Fire

Whether it’s a suave agent with a license to kill, a take-no-prisoners tough guy, or an elite Special Forces operative, Born to Fire’s character-driven gameplay is designed to suit any player’s style. 

Following the Cold War, the Russian Federation has lost ground in an arms race with the United States and turned to more unconventional methods of warfare. As the rules of engagement are thrown out the window, Special Forces around the world are sucked into the fray of a chaotic, anything-goes political landscape. The fate of these elite troops, and the interests they represent, is in the players’ hands as they step into a global free-fire zone. 

Players can choose to lock-and-load as a Duelist, Heavy-Hitter, Rifleman, Warden, or Ranger as they battle for domination. Each class comes with its own distinctive backstory, unique tactics, and a diverse arsenal that is fully customizable. Varied maps and modes encourage innovative team strategies in unique PvP warfare. Fast, one-click matchmaking offers players an optimized way to battle it out, while built-in replay tools enable players to improve their game by studying their own moves alongside those of fellow combatants.

Tamer Saga

Game Background

100 years ago, the vicious Shadow Dragon came to the continent, spreading evil Shadow Shards all across the continent with the aim of controlling all living creatures by corrupting their souls. After corruption, creatures became irritable and restless, which put continent residents in imminent danger.
To resist the Shadow Dragon, angels, dragons, human beings and elves united together and strived to find a way to purify the Shadow Dragon following their racial predications. At last, they sealed the Shadow Dragon successfully and cleared the evil influence on the continent. However, according to a prophecy, the Shadow Dragon would wake up 100 years later.
How time flies! 100 years have passed and abnormal incidents have been found everywhere. In order to fight against the Shadow Dragon, 4 guardian angels are chosen by fate and start on a long journey.
Tamer Saga features a fictional world set in medieval Europe, in which players will go through various wonderful journeys and perform their own stories in the course of overcoming difficulties.
The game supports instant fashion change and offers thousands of avatars, hundreds of pets and a rich variety of mounts for players to choose from. Featuring exquisite scenes, cute monsters, gorgeous spell display, Tamer Saga is an anime-style turn-based game with abundant gameplay, such as flying mounts, community development, magic competition, social relationships, and so on.


Create your own MMO experience using Storybricks, our intuitive story building system

Produce deep, engaging stories of your own making simply by clicking together bricks. Watch your stories develop as you play and create new connections between bricks.
Populate your world
No more static quest-givers. Storybricks allows you to create characters with wants, drives, and emotions.
Create intriguing relationships
Adjust character motivations to create relationships between characters that will change as you interact with them and they interact with each other.
Weave a narrative
Build a story, not just busy work… expect the unexpected as you strive to reach your conclusion. Anything is possible with Storybricks!

Build your own world in the Storybricks Alpha!

SmashMuck Champions

SmashMuck Champions is an online arena combat game that combines action, skill and strategy. Players build and manage their own SmashMuck teams, customizing and training their fighters and then sending them into battle. Each match features up to ten players in one of four unique Game Types. Combat is fast-paced and easy to learn, with tons of unique skills, weapons and attacks for players to master.

• Free to Play!
• Online Multiplayer
• Up to Ten players per game
• Four different Game Types
• Fast-paced combat
• Unique characters, weapons and attacks
• Easy to learn, challenging to master
• Worldwide leagues and rankings
• Interactive environments
• Leveling Up through gameplay
• Online community access
• Customizable fighters, weapons, skins, workouts, etc.