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The West

Play the free browser game The West and create your own avatar to follow in the footsteps of famous heroes of the West, like Billy the Kid and Buffalo Bill. Choose between the four character classes of dueler, worker, soldier, and adventurer, and complete exciting quests. Challenge other players to duels, build a town with them, and take part in strategic fort battles!
InnoGames’ online role-playing game The West sees you start as a greenhorn facing the dangers of the Wild West. Create your own avatar and collect experience by completing tasks and doing jobs. Become a gunslinger by challenging other players to duels. Prove your skills at the poker table or storm forts with other players.
Band together with other players and work hand in hand to build your own town. Towns don’t just let you work with other players, building them also earns you extra bonus points, which can be useful during the course of a game.


As a combination of anime game and shooter, S4League is the perfect game for all fans of anime games and shooters. It’s a stylish third person shooter in a high resolution anime game finish and dazzling, colorful graphics to feed your need for both action and entertainment. 
S4League features an anime game graphics engine that provides you with fresh comic graphics, no matter if you’re running, jumping, shooting or even flying through the maps. Its neo Tokyo anime game style guarantees great poses and high polished scenes even as a beginner. And the best of it: The graphics need barely any resources at all, you can play S4League on almost any computer supporting video rendering. Join S4League and dare to look awesome, shooter! 
Talking about good looks, there is no way around mentioning the hundreds of possibilities to personalize your gaming experience in this anime game with various characters and tons of different styles, hundreds of items like clothing, accessories and weapons to express your own futuristic fashion style. Whether you want the style of a grown-up shooter or the liveliness of an anime game with its cute looks, S4League has it all. 
When you have equipped the perfect character of yours, it’s time to let the action begin. In this shooter and anime game combination, you can choose between different game modes like Touchdown, where your objective is to capture the ball and bring it all the way down to the other party’s goal. This is a great opportunity for shooters and close combat fighters to show their skills, or Deathmatch, another thrilling game mode to prove your tactics, reflexes and fighting skills just like in other shooters. 
A more anime game-like mode is the chaser mode where it’s all about evading a major enemy, the Chaser, over a stated time. As a reminiscence of classic arcade shooters, there is also an arcade mode in an anime game style to let you demonstrate your superior skills to the masses. Here you walk along a path through a 3D world and encounter tons of opponents you’re allowed to blow away. This requires good reflexes and fast tactical decisions. 
Since S4League is completely online, there are thousands of other players experienced in anime games and shooters you’ll have to convince of the superior skills of yours. So join S4League and dominate the clan system and rankings to become the best shooter and anime game player in the world!

Pride of Taern

Pride of Taern is a free browser-based MMORPG with isometric tactical dynamic combat and mature non-linear storyline challenging players’ skill and morality.


Origins of Malu

Origins of Malu is a sandbox game. The game’s primary goal is to provide freedom to the player and exciting game play with a compelling storyline. With mobile and social app integration, players will be able to log in through their phones and mobile devices so you never have to miss a thing.
No Scripted Boss Fights
Ever been stalked by a creature in a MMORPG … having it watch you and study you waiting for the right time to attack? Origins of Malu has dynamic and engaging gameplay with an AI that adapts and learns from the player and frequent GM controlled events. You can’t always be sure how an encounter will end.
One Changing Persistent world
Actions made by the player can change the physical environment of the world, creating lasting changes that continue to play out long after they are set in motion. Ambitious players can even control open world areas on the maps, building their own housing there for all to see or hidden in some deep forgotten area.
No Classes, No Rules
Prefer to cast spells from a distance or go toe to toe? You decide the character you want to play. Crafting skills allow players to alter the cosmetics of their own attacks and abilities further giving players even more a unique flavor.
Through our unique arcade style of combat, we give players the ability to improve through skill and practice rather than through gear. You are the master of your own fate.
Not for the faint of heart, special areas in the game offer extra rewards for players willing to risk perma death. Got a grudge to settle with someone once and for all? Challenge another player to an epic duel where the winner takes all.