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Mythic Saga

Mythic Saga thrusts you into a land of mystery and adventure. You are a hero born into a new world. Learn how to survive with your skills and abilities, forging stronger weapons and building up your power to cleanse the wickedness from this Mythic Land.

Embark on your journey by choosing one of four mighty classes, each with its own unique play style. Enter the world as the mighty Warrior whose toughness is without peer; or hide in the shadows as the Assassin using poison and stealth to take your enemies by surprise! Bend the powers of Heaven and Earth to your will as the Mage; or walk in the light as the Priest and bring peace back to this broken world. The choice is yours, what role will you play?


* A new and enthralling environment complete with thousands of unique Monsters to slay, with Treasure, Weapons, and Armor to collect.

* A challenging open world PVP Combat system that relies on each player’s skill.

* Intense 10 vs. 10 Team Battle Arena, where rewards are a plenty!

* Fight for glory by joining a Guild and bringing honor to one of the three Factions in which you have sworn. Adopt a disciple by becoming a Mentor, and even get married! The social dynamics of Mythic Saga leave little else to be desired.

* Engage in all-out warfare among 3 opposing factions!

* With your Relic at your side, you will never be fighting alone. Command your Relic to assist you in battle and upgrade it through Mythic Saga’s advanced in-game item Upgrading System.

Enter the world of Mythic Saga, and make your own fate!

Hero Smash

Create a Hero or Super Villain and fight to help your side battle against the enemy. HeroSmash is a Free, massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) built in Flash that you can play in real-time on your web browser without a download! Battle evil (or become evil) as a hero wielding super powers! You can fully customize your hero to wear anything from ice-covered frozen armor, darkness armor with skulls, or even a mechanical robot armor!

Heroes of Gaia

Heroes of Gaia is a free online game where you can play together with thousands of other players in a rich medieval fantasy world.

You begin as a young Noble of a modest Castle without an army, and it is up to you to fortify your Castle, forge alliances, expand your empire and lead your Heroes into epic quests to slay monsters and beasts that roam the land.
When you log off from the game, your Castles continue to build up resources while your units still carry out your orders, waiting for your return! Using strategy, teamwork and persistence, you may be great enough to unite all of Gaia.
Anyone can play Heroes of Gaia! All you need is Flash Player installed and an internet connection. Play it anytime, anywhere; from home, school or at work.

Grand Epic Online

Grand Epic Online is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORPG featuring real-time action combat and various enhancement systems, which presents players with intense fighting scenarios and unlimited power growth. This game also highlights the oriental fairyland and accomplishments in its interactive game quests where natural harmony, true love, personal sacrifice and collective interest are greatly cherished.
Real-time Combat System
As the restrain of technology, most web games are strategic play or turn-based combat. So they feel less excited as weak feeling of substitution. Grand Epic Online breaks through this technical chock point to use a popular real-time combat game play. It provides the excitement to use plenty of hot keys for real-time combat. Besides, to enhance the dynamic feeling of skill using, there is double-hit result which only appears in 3D MMO games when using skills in Grand Epic Online. It’s definitely an epochal creative pioneering work to use real-time combat gameplay in Grand Epic Online.
Thousands of Captivating Quests with Auto-navigation System
We have a great variety of quests including instances with tons of funny and moving stories in store for you. Both quests and instances are complementary to each other so that player can enjoy the stories better instead of just questing for the quest. Key places and NPCs are highlighted in quest texts for players to take action faster. Just click the NPC for auto-navigation to avoid tedious searching process and enjoy effective questing!
Pet and Mount System
Various pets and mounts with many kinds of capacity and functions are customized for different players with different tastes.
Pets have different powerful attack skills. They can be great assistant in fighting monsters. Mounts in Grand Epic Online not only provide faster moving speed but also attack, defense, HP and MP bonus. It can also level up by sharing experience with characters.
Real-time Dress Display System
It is very common for a MMO game with real-time dress display system but hard for web games to apply the same technology again. Different from all characters with same features in web games, we provide the real-time dress display system in Grand Epic Online like MMO games. Once players change character’s equipments and dresses, you can find the effect at once. How about taking a picture of your equipment upgrading process?
Practical Party System
Joining a party is not only useful for efficient questing but also provides extra attribute bonus for every team member’s experience, attack and defense. Players are encouraged to adventure in Grand Epic Online in a party for teamwork spirit and more communications. 
Creative Instance System
Like other MMO games, there are many instances in Grand Epic Online which require teamwork to quest. Players can create a party to challenge higher level bosses for better items and more experience. There is also entry amount limit of twice per player per day for instances. But the team member amount is flexible according to different instances. Player can play a role of individual hero or fight with buddies. 
Funny Crazy Shapeshift Skill
Shapeshift skill in Grand Epic Online is a creative highlight of current games. Players can learn Shapeshift skill in the game by completing NPC Kongfang’s quest. Using the skill to most monsters in the game, player can transform into those monsters and gain extra attribute bonus including attack, defense, max HP and max MP. It enables players to take adventure in the game with greater power and a brand new character appearance.