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Whether you play a witch, a shaman, a mage or a druid, Miramagia is all about magic – and tending your own magic garden. In the latest browser game from developer Bright Future, young apprentice spell-casters learn how to raise and care for magical herbs, plants and shrubs. Useful spells get them started, so they should not neglect their magic studies in Miramagia.

The players’ main objective is to help their own residence and herb garden to grow and increase in level so they can learn even more powerful spells. Spell-casters can improve their status as part of the wider community within a settlement to compete with other settlements and apprentices. The young apprentice is aided not only by fellow apprentices in the arcane arts, but also by a baby dragon that needs their special care and attention. It will be very useful later in the game as a fully-grown dragon.

Miramagia builds on enchanting graphics and motivating elements such as learning useful or funny spells, training your own dragon, affecting your own settlement with real players, quests from visitors to the village, trips to big city, trading with acquisitive market folk, mysterious witches and much more. Miramagia has a lot to offe both solo and team players; the free browser game offers unprecedented enjoyment with many different possible approaches.


MechQuest is a free, browser-based fantasy giant destructive war machine battle game. Sound fun? You bet! Heavily inspired by the art from every mecha & giant robot series ever created (and we are throwing in magic and laser swords too!) we will be putting a true ‘Anything Goes’ build and battle ‘Lunchbreak-sized’ game. Keep your holivids tuned in for more… “Bizzzzzzipwhip…kccccht!”

Safe and Easy to Play
You need nothing more than your web browser and the latest Adobe Flash plugin to get into the mecha action.

No Downloads!
No Spyware!
No Spam!
No Programs to install!

Always Growing and getting BetterCreate your pilot and explore our ever expanding universe with new equipment, storylines, special events, and new planets as they are added in our regular updates. MechQuest is in non-stop ongoing development!

Pit of War

Life is meaningless in the Great Realm. Drunk on slaughter, its armies clash in monstrous battles, its darkened temples reek with the blood of sacrifices, and the slave markets heave with flesh for sale. The beating heart of the Great Realm is the The Pit, where baying crowds hunger for ever more violent spectacles to sate their appetite for mayhem. As ‘Master’ of your own school you will manage, discipline and train brutal Gladiators, pushing them to become the deadliest fighters imaginable in the arts of death. The blood of the dead stains the sands red every day in the most brutal, merciless and unforgiving Arena the world has ever known … Prepare to enter the Pit of War!

Pockie Pirates

Pockie Pirates is a MMORPG based on the theme of dream, passion, youth and friendship. Players take on the role of a young pirate determined to find legendary treasures and become the King of Pirates. In the game, players will be confronted with various difficulties and need to root out enemies before they make their dream come true.

Pockie Pirates blends strategy and tactics with an entertaining game plot. It features cute characters and quality-designed backgrounds, combined with dazzling skills to present gamers a thrilling and exciting adventure around the sea.

An innovative pirate-inspired horizontal version RPG

Pockie Pirates embraces the pirate theme by doing away with the usual building and soldier leveling that dominates adventure strategy games.

Harbouring the same dream as StrawHat Luffy of becoming the ultimate Pirate King? Pockie Pirates is your best bet, offering up an innovative multiplayer adventure filled with fun swashbuckling combat, lush graphics, and a unique pirate themed setting.

Beautiful Scenes

Pockie Pirates will wash player’s screens with gorgeous vistas, featuring lush islands brought to life through vivid colors and high-end browser-based level design.

Cute characters synonymous with the NGames’ “Pockie” line of titles will voyage across vast landscapes as they quest to discover the hidden treasures and become the King of Pirates.

Tactical Gameplay

Good Layout, Easy Kill

Pockie Pirate players can hire friends to be part of their ship’s crew. As a role-playing game with highly customizable character options, ship captains need to pick their pirates and organize them carefully.

A crew that uses its strengths effectively in battle will be able to overcome the most challenging hurdles with ease. There are no shortage of enemies roaming the Pockie Pirates oceans, all of them hell bent on getting in your way and claiming the valuable undersea treasures for themselves.

Manage to get all hands on deck while steering the ship and the honor of Pirate King could soon be yours.

Own a Pirate Ship!

In addition to the thrill of sailing the high seas and dueling with pirate crews, players can also customize their ship with personal decorations.

Pirates can earn money through fishing and exploring the oceans for treasures. Furthermore, Demon Fruits are littered throughout Pockie Pirates’ massive maps – finding them will grant players special seafaring abilities.