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Tata Blitz

Tata Blitz is free-to-play, browser-based, 2D shooter that offers a large collection of interesting maps with a lively comic style, where players will experience a colorful and interesting scenic world. The magnificent Egyptian pyramids, Dracula’s mysterious castle, a dark foreboding swamp and more are all waiting to be discovered.

With four-direction unlocking attacks, players can practice Tata Blitz’s combat in simple operation mode with three kinds of striking distance, including remote, middle range and close range, and three kinds of damage modes: point, line and plane, making the combat a challenge to master.

Tata Blitz offers a variety of interesting weapons, including firearms, and thrown and close-range weapons. Firearms, including pistols, machine guns, shotguns, rockets and more are used for remote strike force. Thrown weapons and middle-range weapons with a striking force include grenades, smoke, plank bricks and even mobiles. Close range weapons that offer a melee strike force include daggers, choppers, pipes and even a sauce pan.

Role playing is always a fantasy of gamers, and Tata Blitz offers players a variety of custom suits, from the glamorous Cleopatra to a Baseball Player, an R&B superstar, or even the man-in-black.  Suits can take a player from fried to villain and everything in between in Tata Blitz!

Z9 Star

Z9 Star is a 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG that allows players to choose their own life after landing on their new home planet, Z9 Star.

Players will farm, hunt, mine, or do any of the unrestricted jobs of Z9 Star to build their new home planet. The community comes together with friendly competitive mini games and PvP battles against other players. Z9 Star allows players to express their own unique style with hundreds of costume items to customize their character, and bring out their creative side with player housing and User Created Levels.

Key Features

Jobs — Players can choose between a variety of jobs with no limitations!

  • Mining — Collect rare minerals in the mining caves!
  • Farming – Grow delicious crops on your own farm!
  • Ranching — Raise animals to receive items such as milk, or eggs.
  • Lumbering – Cut down trees to collect wood and other useful materials!
  • Fishing — Catch fish to cook with or to create items!
  • Cooking – Create delectable dishes and obtain unique materials while cooking!
  • Hunting – Hunt monster for items and game money!

Instance Events — Players are able to participate in a quiz competition, car races, spacecraft matches, and many more events with other players to earn rewards!

Quest System — Players can help out the locals with daily quests for rewards, or even create their own for others to complete!

Mentor System — Players can take on the role of the mentor and teach new players in exchange for rewards.

Building System — Players can show off their creativity with in-game building systems.

  •  MyHome — Players can decorate their own home with a variety of furniture.
  •  User Created Games – Players can build their own challenging levels with an in depth level creator for other players to join and play.

PvP System — Players can create rooms with multiple settings to have death match battles across various maps with other players.

Hero Zero

Time for you to become a real-life hero in Hero Zero! Create your own hero or heroine and design a costume that’s truly unique. Level up your hero from neighborhood jerk to actual fame. Fight evil on funny hero missions and help ’em get this cat off the tree.

Face it, you’re a loser. Sitting at home while the world is unaware of your true potential, of the true destiny you know deep inside. Little do they know that you are, in fact, a Super Hero!

Others call themselves heroes, too? Teach them a lesson in PVP battle! Check the Second Hand Shop for awesome hero stuff. Use donuts and energy drinks to boost yourself up to train powers and skills – in your garage!

Glory of Gladiators

Glory of Gladiators is a free-to-play browser-based game. It casts you in the role of the Master of a gladiator training school at the ancient Rome. Players are tasked with finding, training and gearing the strongest gladiators and later defeating enemies with strategy. It will also bring you back to the real historical events where you can experience the most known epic campaigns yourself.


Fighting-game-like design

Glory of Gladiators presents you the most detailed graphics and animations, featuring with a unique strategy-skill system.

You will take part in the epic campaigns and interact with the most famous heroes. Some may even be recruited into your force!

Gladiators, as in real life, grow old while becoming more experienced. Plan the training schedules for your gladiators carefully, and make the best use of the peak age!

Champion Cup:

Monthly event. Players can send their best gladiators in the elimination games. The winner will receive rich rewards as well as the most glorious honor.