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Welcome to the realm of Margonem, the best browser-based MMORPG!  A vast world rife with challenges awaits you. Plunge yourself into gripping quests, develop your character, and make him do battle with mighty beasts! Get to know players from all around the world, and together face the most powerful monsters! Don’t wait, play now FOR FREE!

Project: Gorgon

Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG for PC & Mac with a quirky, original feel. It freely mixes ideas from older MMOs, newer MMOs, and a whole bunch of new ideas never before seen in any MMO.

It’s designed for players who want to explore a deep world with complex game systems and a tight-knit community that is friendly enough to actually chat while they group. Think Asheron’s Call crossed with EverQuest crossed with the emergent gameplay of NetHack.

To make the world feel more immersive, Project: Gorgon revives some great ideas from older MMOs that have been forgotten. For instance, if you have items you don’t want, you can toss them on the ground – maybe somebody else will want them. If you sell something to a vendor, those items are available for other players to buy. If you’re on fire and near a lake, jump in the lake to put the fire out!

We’re also taking a cue from older MMOs and not holding your hand quite so much. There are tutorials, of course, but once you’re playing the game we don’t want to tell you exactly where to go – we want you to explore. The world is full of intricate game systems, connected in unusual ways. Project: Gorgon heavily rewards exploration. Go poke in corners, try out weird ideas, and see what you find!

At the same time, this is a thoroughly modern MMO with a robust combat system, quests, guilds, and all the other stuff you’ve come to expect from the genre. We’re also working on new ideas to foster the community. We want Project: Gorgon to have one of the friendliest communities out there.

Heva Clonia Online

Heva Clonia Online is a casual adventure MMORPG that features an amazing 3D fantasy world in which players can collect and clone the monsters they encounter throughout their journey.

Heva Clonia Online provides non-stop action through various Quests & Episodes, including Co-Op Dungeons, Guild Battles and more. Collect cute and unique pets by cloning the monsters you come across in the game, and turn them into vital allies who aid you in battling powerful monsters or in testing your skills against other players in the Main Arena. Choose your class, evolve your powers, master your skills and visit various towns and worlds all while making new friends along the way in this exciting and fun-filled MMORPG.

Key Features:

  • Clone, collect and train monsters as pets
  • Battle pet monsters in PVP Arena
  • Co-op Dungeons
  • Guild PVP
  • Team Play/Quests
  • Barter/Trading
  • Job Evolution
  • Forging/Crafting
  • Mini-Games
  • Campaign Mode