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Deloria Legends

Journey into a realm of brave warriors, cunning rogues and mystic magicians. Battling brutal monsters for survival and domination in these strange new lands called Deloria. Embark on amazing adventures of courage and participate in quests for glory. Although the past may have been forgotten, the future lies with you.

In the fantasy world of Deloria, your fate awaits you. Will you be the ultimate master, or will you perish at the hands of others?

Fight for survival and experience, while training your character in the path of your choice, overcoming all who oppose you. Become an honorable and powerful Warrior, or learn the keen arts of a Rogue, or master the ancient ways of magic to become a Magician. With the aid of town’s folk, other players and fellow guild members, you embark to gain knowledge of the lands and build a vast supply of epic equipment and items. Train to become the best, and drive fear in any who oppose you… human or otherwise.

Your fate is as you make it. Choose what you believe, become whom you wish, and fulfill the destiny that lies before you. Welcome to your new world. Welcome to Deloria Legends.

Features of Deloria Legends

Deloria Legends is a graphical 2D MMORPG/MPOG (massively multi-player online role-playing game/multi-player online game) based in a time when warriors sought out triumph and wizards kept balance across the lands. Adventurers slay beasts and bosses alone or in groups. Deloria Legends offers questing, grouping, guilds, guild housing, skills, spells, abilities, multiple classes, unique items and a loyal and friendly community.

The lands of Deloria are ever-changing and constantly adapting with time, meaning it is constantly being modified and updated daily (no joke!). Deloria Legends, unlike many other online games, focuses on the best game play and interests all players have in mind. Deloria Legends has always been and will always be, built upon its devoted players and community.

Joining other players in Deloria Legends not only makes you a part of the game, but a part of the Deloria community. With many interactive features in and out of the Deloria world, players can role-play and take their characters to the next level.


M.A.V. is a cross between a classic ‘big stompy robot’ combat game and Legos.

The combat is intense, with each part having its own damage system. Where your shot hits counts just as much as how hard your shot hits. Your M.A.V. is a direct reflection of you and your play style. You can customize everything on it to maximize your combat abilities and show off a little bit of your personal style.

In M.A.V., there will be thousands of parts to pick from, each with its own stats and appearance. There will be a weapon for every strategy, a cockpit for every style, and an armor plate that always fits just right.

There are also lots of cosmetic changes you can make to your M.A.V., from the paint color of each part, to the camo patterns and colors that the parts have. Here are a few examples, starting with the default option.

Combat is intense! Massive explosions, locational damage, teamwork, and the chance for a comeback. M.A.V. is not a game about jump sniping, one shot kill head shots, or super fast twitch play. What M.A.V. is about is making smart choices, working with your team, and adapting to situations.

A M.A.V. pilot can choose from six different role types to build and play as, or even choose a hybrid approach. The six defined roles are as follows:

Attackers are the workhorses of any squad deploying into the battlefield. They maintain their maneuverability, without sacrificing survivability or firepower. If they get close, they will make quick work of any other M.A.V.

Defenders act as a last line of defense. Giving up speed, they can stack on massive amounts of armor and defensive deployables. As 1 man armies, they can set up choke points and hold back forces many times greater than themselves.

The support role is a varied role, but will primarily be indirect support fire. Using the information provided by scouts and commanders, they can quickly remove structures, snipers, or even the entrenched defenders.

Scouts are the eyes and ears of the team. They provide the vital info that Attacker and Support roles need, and make great anti-sniper units. They will typically sacrifice survivability for speed and maneuverability.

Snipers are the long arm of death. Delivering surgical strikes at extreme distance is exactly what this role does best. Wait for the right shot, and hit the weak point, and you can cripple an enemy M.A.V. before it can even see what hit it.

The commander role is the leader of the pack. They tap into the intel streams that scouts and all the other team mates provide and relay that on. They have unique view of the battle field, so it is up to them to send out orders and information to the rest of their team.

Eclipse War Online

Eclipse War is coming soon to Playwith Interactive! In this exciting new MMORPG you are thrust into a fantasy world where two races are battling for ultimate control of the continent, Karis. Harness the power of the living world around you and take the form of any of the monsters and beasts you find in this brand new adventure!


Greetings, Ruler!

Where once just wilderness reigned, now lies the foundation stone for your new castle. Step by step you expand everything that is beneficial to your goals: solid walls for protection or a market for raw materials. You are also able to enlist some knaves, the cadre of your army.

May your reign be crowned with success!