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Ancient China is experiencing a blood-soaked decade. Ten forces have been at war with each other in a bloody attempt to become the most powerful martial arts clan. The hunt is on for an ancient scripture containing Kung Fu secrets that can bring immense power to the clan who possesses it. As a survivor of a tiny village torn apart by war, you must avenge your people while discovering the mysterious connection between you and the entire martial arts world!

Key Features


Battle your opponents with fluid and responsive kung fu! Real-time combat allows you to master the creation of the perfect skill combo!

Prove yourself against other kung-fu masters in the arena! Or create a guild with your friends and experience unique events!

With a selection of 10 martial arts clans – from the strong and noble Shaolin clan to the swift and deadly Sun and Moon clan – you will employ a variety of different skills and strategies in combat!

Challenge yourself through the Paths of a Swordsman – instances that can push your limits, but come with great rewards!


Travel across a lush and vivid world, brought to life with the powerful and beautiful Angelica III game engine!

Envelop yourself with Swordsman’s rich story and lore, deeply rooted in an ancient Chinese martial arts novel!

Customize your look with a flexible and detailed character creation engine!

Create an extensive selection of powerful gear and weapons through a diverse crafting system!

Archlord 2

Archlord II is a medieval fantasy-based MMORPG, featuring vibrant in-game graphics and a mesmerizing soundtrack performed by Cris Velasco, the multi-award winning composer for more than 40 video games.

This free-to-play title brings MMO fans across Europe and both Americas into a fantasy world shattered by the endless conflict between the Azuni & Crunn factions. Soon, players will be able to enjoy enormous Player vs Player battles, fighting to claim the ultimate prize and to become the Archlord – the world’s supreme ruler.

Running on the Gamebryo Engine, Archlord II will feature great looking and unique battlegrounds designed for massive battles, holding up to 400 players. A classless character system will allow players to create unique and personalised gameplay styles.

Following an early beta launch in Korea, the game is currently undergoing design revision to adapt it to players’ feedback. In order to deliver the best gaming experience to MMO fans, the European and North/South American versions of the game will be released with this updated content.


HEX combines the amazing community and roleplaying aspects of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMO) with the compelling collectible and strategic gameplay of a Trading Card Game (TCG) to create an entirely new category of a game, the MMO/TCG.

Cryptozoic is a leading TCG publisher with years of experience building a real, fully featured, and balanced TCG (World of Warcraft TCG). HEX has the same attention to detail and offers the finest digital TCG experience available. You’ll get a free Starter Deck (a $10 value) upon account creation. In addition to the 300 cards available via the PVE campaign, there are over 350 cards to use in Set 1 which you can win in tournaments or find in Booster Packs.

HEX can do things a paper TCG can only dream of doing. Socket gems in cards to give them additional powers, use card powers to transform them into different cards mid-match. The Double Back makes each card an individual collectible. Cards gain experience and have individual achievements that allow you to unlock extended art and foil versions. Deck statistics give you instant feedback about your deck’s composition, its record, and other statistics.

Buy, Sell, Or Trade Cards, Gear, And Other Rewards In The Full Featured Auction House

Are you wheeling and dealing? You can make trades in the chat client, or you can automate all your transactions in the Auction House. If you’re in need of that final card to complete your new deck or you’re looking to take some of that shiny gear and turn it to gold, this is the place for you.

The Most Aggressive Organized Play Infrastructure Ever Offered For A Digital TCG

HEX will feature tournaments and events around the clock available worldwide.

Create Your Champion From 6 Classes And 8 Races

Create and customize your champion with talents, gear, and game altering abilities that revolutionize the Trading Card Game. Take up the side of good with either the heroic humans, noble coyotle, proud orcs, or the creative elves. If you have more sinister goals, then play as the destructive dwarves, zealous vennen, aggressive shin’hare, or cunning necrotic.

Explore Dozens Of Dungeons And Raid With Friends For Epic Gear!

Encounter deep TCG puzzles and explore the world of Entrath. The PVE experience offers hundreds of hours of gameplay, storytelling, and the chance at rich rewards. You’ll find gear, gems, and over 300 unique cards at launch.

Battle The Most Advanced TCG AI Ever Created

Advanced, cutting edge AI will challenge players of all skill levels while still being accessible. Cryptozoic hired the most experienced TCG AI expert in the world to build this system from the ground-up. In addition to the latest in TCG artificial intelligence, each opposing champion has a personality and approach to the game specific to that champion.

Join A Guild To Test Your Deck Or Battle Other Guilds For Bragging Rights!

Recruit your friends and use the Guild Bank to register decks into “the gauntlet” that your guildmates can then practice against. Enter in guild-only tournaments and compete to be the number one guild in the world. Band together with your guildmates to defeat raid bosses and equip up your character with full legendary gear.


Minimum is an online third person shooter with RTS and RPG elements. Players must work together to develop a strategy to win! Teams fight over the world’s energy by using Titans to break down each other’s walls. Titans are powered by your team’s Creep farming abilities.

In our early access we plan to feature our Primary game mode, Titan! Titan takes competitive gaming to the next level with head to head combat. Players must gather resources by killing Creeps to power their teams Titan to victory.