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UemeU is a new creative sandbox game that lets you explore, build and play with friends.

The game is split into two main sections, build and play mode which work seamlessly together allowing you to interact inside your own creative space in a way never seen before.

UemeU has intuitive and fun to use building mechanics and gives you the tools you need to create your very own sandbox world. Change your elements by adjusting the weather, sky, terrain, and even water.

Explore worlds by creating your own vehicles, customise planes, cars, and even the clothes on your back.

Ueman lives in an ever-evolving world of endless possibilities. Customise your avatar and traverse through your world in style. Stamina, defences and agility need to be taken into account.

With an all new fighting mechanic, you will have to be on your guard. Use your Ueman to complete larger than life puzzles and explore abstract worlds.

Multiplayer is an important part of UemeU and an empowering experience. Create and host your own worlds or build elaborate and interesting structures together. Set traps and challenges.

Keep your friends up to date with your latest builds and progress by sharing files and using the inventory saving system.

Might and Magic: Duel of Champions

Duel of Champions is the free-to-play online strategic card game in the universe of Might and Magic.

Game Modes

Ranked duels
In Ranked Duels, you select one of your Decks and when you press the Fight button, matchmaking will begin. You will fight an opponent with a similar Ranking as yours.

In Practice mode, you can try out decks against specific online players, friends or an AI. There are no Rewards for Duels played in this mode, but no penalties either.

In Campaign Mode, you will fight AI controlled opponents with custom made Decks. There is a specific reward for defeating each encounter for the first time and no penalty for losing the duel. There is also a greater reward for completing the entire mission. There are currently 3 missions available in game at the moment.

In Tournaments, the matchmaking is not based upon the current rating. Instead, each Tournament type has its own set of rules. The Tournament type changes every day. The Gold and XP rewards for each Tournament Duel vary by type of Tournament.

Jackpot Tournament
The Jackpot Tournament is free for all players. All players can participate and play as many games as they want against other participants, determined by Matchmaking based on current Tournament ranking. Every match played adds to the Tournament’s Jackpot and at the end, that jackpot is divided amongst the top ranking players using a Tier system.

Swiss Tournament
In a Swiss Tournament, 8 players compete in a Ladder style Tournament. Participating in a Swiss Tournament requires a Tournament Ticket. After 3 matches, the player with the most duels won and the highest Breakpoints is declared the winner. Once the Tournament begins, you cannot change or modify your deck, so choose carefully! Instead of the usual time limit per turn, each player is allowed 7 minutes for each Duel. If that timer expires, the player will automatically be defeated.

You can host your own public our private Swiss Tournaments, or join your friends’ tournaments through the Create and Join buttons.

Tome: Immortal Arena

Tome: Immortal Arena is a browser-based, free-to-play MOBA. No download, less farming, no last hitting, and more PVP! Abilities are on cooldown instead of mana-based. Buy items and heal in lane!

Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber is a modern “science noir” story. The gameplay is about interacting and collaborating with fellow players to piece together what happened.

Entering a mysterious database, you will uncover found footage film, journals and diaries – as well as documentary clips from the European Space Agency. The story follows the investigations of young scientist, Kathleen Petersen, into the Petersen Institute, one of Europe’s most prestigious scientific centers – and what could be a signal from another world.

It’s a story-based MMO – meaning that while the game centres around an intricate narrative, the real action lies in working with other players.


Cloud Chamber is a Massively Multiplayer Story Game.

The Cloud Chamber journey
The player starts by entering a 3D Database called “Crowdscape”. Inside the database, there is a huge number of confidential files.

How does Crowdscape work?
Crowdscape analyses the metadata from the files and creates 3-Dimensional landscapes. The more important the data, the higher the island.

Your role as a player is to find the truth about what happened in the story. After investigating each file, you can discuss it with other players. It’s a game of interpretation and about sharing and discussing interpretations.

The forums work a lot like other social networks: you post your theories and others can then comment on them and up-vote or down-vote them. Your post will be highlighted in the best posts tabs if you get the most up-votes – and you get a badge.