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Gladiators Online

In Gladiators Online your goal is to become the most prestigious owner of gladiators in the Roman Empire. Starting with a small provincial school, you need to carefully train, heal and equip your team of talented fighters.


  • Skill based tactical multiplayer Combat with Permadeath
  • Up to 15 Gladiators per Player split into 4 legendary Classes
  • 600+ Weapons and Armor Items based on classical Designs
  • 60 individual offensive, tactical and passive Combat Skills
  • 10 Gladiator Levels per Class to advance, train and promote
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Leagues with Premium Rewards
  • Dynamic Slave Auctions with Talent scouting and bidding
  • 3 Tiers of stunningly recreated ancient Amphitheaters
  • 40+ Ludus/House Enhancements arranged into 10 Tiers
  • 50+ Staff Types such as Doctores and Courtesans


Join Crossout, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles!

Key Features:

  • Unique vehicles, crafted by the players using a wide range of available parts: from nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles or combat platforms on antigrav fields.
  • Complete freedom of creativity and thousands of possible combinations. Create vehicles of any shape using dozens of parts, wide variety of armour and weapons as well as support systems.
  • Advanced damage model: destroy any part of an enemy machine and it will affect the vehicle’s performance immediately.
  • Huge arsenal of weapons. From chain saws, power-drills over machine guns to rocket launchers, flying drones and stealth generators.
  • Your own workshop: create new, advanced parts and auction them at the in-game marketplace.
  • Trading options between players: every piece that you have gathered in the battle can be sold to other players
  • Choose your own battle strategy! The only thing that matters is the Survival and Victory!


Build. Battle. Believe.

The AlterVerse is a VR world-creation and gaming platform.

Imagine a three-way combo of Skyrim, Minecraft and Second Life: a virtual world in which players can compete, collaborate, create and quest, as they battle for supremacy in a vast online universe.

In the AlterVerse, players can craft fantastic worlds on their own Realm Server, and play an engaging, exciting game across a variety of alien landscapes – spanning themes from sci-fi to fantasy and more besides. With a Realm Server, players can create peaceful home environments, epic PVP battle arenas, CTF servers or even a first-person shooter level. The sky’s the limit.

The AlterVerse is also built from the ground up with VR in mind. You don’t need a VR headset to play The AlterVerse, but it opens up the environments in a way you just won’t believe until you see it.

With intricate quests, immersive environments, PvP and PvE action, full economy and crafting systems, hunting and fishing, built-in voice chat, instant messaging, mounts and more, The AlterVerse represents half a decade of hard work – and, with your help, we hope to bring it to Steam later this year.

Join the first wave of Pioneers and change your stars. Welcome to The AlterVerse.

Key Features

  • Powerful world-creation tool – build on your own or with friends
  • Craft tools, weapons, spells, armor and more
  • Survive across PVP, PVE and RVR battles
  • Join and create Alliances
  • A range of melee and ranged combat styles
  • Customizable avatars with thousands of combinations, male and female
  • Immersive VR for Oculus Rift and other VR hardware
  • In-game voice chat
  • Accompanying desktop and phone app to check ranks and IM friends
  • Exciting quests with leaderboard scoring
  • 1st and 3rd person with mouse scroll

Echo of Soul

Your epic journey in the world of Echo of Soul is about to begin! With a vast and detailed landscape to explore, Echo of Soul is set in an endless, epic game world that offers an incredible sense of freedom and adventure.

Developed by key members of the team behind the MMO Lineage II, Echo of Soul offers an immersive experience full of rich visuals, an epic soundtrack, and a vast and detailed landscape.