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Labyrinth is a love letter written to the classic fantasy role-playing adventures that we all enjoyed when we were growing up. It’s a new kind of collectible card game that looks and plays like an RPG, where you play the roles of both adventurer and dungeon master.

How do the cards work?
Every card in Labyrinth has two sides. When raiding other players, you play with the front side of your deck, which represents your Hero and his abilities. When opponents attack you, they play against the back side of your deck, which represents your dungeon with is bosses, monsters, and traps.

What is the story?
The opening events of Labyrinth are set in the city of Starfall, on a world called Hylea. At the center of city is a hole in reality– a gateway to other planes, which has made Starfall a hub of magical trade. You play an adventurer, one of many that come from the farthest reaches of Hylea to seek their fortunes in Starfall. But it’s a dangerous place. Rival gangs prowl in the streets. As you settle in and gather your riches, you’ll need to build ever-better defenses to protect them.

Your journey starts with a single Hero deck and a one-room dungeon. As you collect additional cards, you may add more Heroes to your party, and more rooms to your dungeon.

In creating the setting for Labyrinth, we’ve put a lot of effort into making something much larger than the core game. Hylea is a vast world with its own rich history. As we add to the game, you’ll be introduced to different cultures and factions, each with its own Heroes and powers.

What is innovation does Labyrinth bring to collectible card games?
Labyrinth brings a huge amount of innovation to the genre of collectible card games. Each card is much more than just an image and rules text– it’s an animated creature, or an effect, or a heroic character within a 3D world. From the start, we wanted to capture the feel of tabletop adventures, and this led us to a different kind of game that is driven by collectible cards, but with the animated characters and 3-dimensional combat that you would expect in an RPG.

How does Labyrinth play differently from other collectible card games?
Labyrinth also brings a completely new style of play to the CCG genre. Player vs. player raids are asynchronous. This means that only you need to be online when you are delving into another player’s dungeon. Our intent is to capture the feel of a PvE adventure within a PvP game. Just like traditional CCGs, you are matched with other players, giving you infinite dungeons to explore. Because the world is persistent, even when you are not online, your defenses continue to work for you, using your deck.

The Forgettable Dungeon

The Forgettable Dungeon is an online & offline cooperative dungeon crawler inspired by Zelda, roguelikes, and beat ’em up games.

Team up with up to 16 of your friends and try to take on the Dungeon of Doom!

Dogma: Eternal Night

You are a monster under the guise of humanity. Your nature is that of a Beast and the Beast hungers for blood. Mortals will react to your actions and their reaction will be far from favorable if you show your true nature or go on a crime spree. Control your actions, otherwise your conscience will be drown out by pure instincts. When that happens, other Kindred will try to destroy you in order to protect their society.

In this world, you can permanently lose your character, which means that you should always be on your guard.

Cities, architecture and historical monuments recreated from the real world, now given a different feeling in our universe.

A variety of the mystical inhabitants who hide themselves from mere mortals. You will be able to become one of them.

A world that has a life of its own, continuously developing and reacting to every action the players make.

Unique game mechanics based on one of the best classic RPG systems.

A combat system where there is no separation of strong and weak. Your tactics can be ineffective in some cases.

Style and clothing of the characters are an important part of the project. We pay close attention to the creation of jewelry and clothing, allowing us to create a big variety of items for you to choose from.

The in-game character editor will allow you to customize all the details of your characters appearance.

Modern firearms, cold weapons, powerful ancient artifacts, mystical charms and enchanted items – all of this and more can be used to thwart your foes.

Numerous supernatural powers will allow you to thrash your enemies with bare fists alone. But remember: mortals shouldn’t know about your existence, otherwise the consequences might be dire.

Extensive opportunities of social interaction with other players. You will be able to unite with friends to achieve the objectives together, or to gain the enemies’ trust, destroying them from within.

Meet up with your friends or sworn enemies in various locations of the night megalopolises. Spend your time scheming, or simply communicating with others, immersed in the pleasant atmosphere of this gothic world.

Advanced in-game market will allow you to establish your own business, whether it be trade or production.

Expand your skills, develop your abilities, rise through the ranks of vampire society and rule over entire cities.

We will prepare special tools that allow you to stay in touch with the game and your character, even if you don’t have a game client nearby. Just use your smart phone or open a web browser to use our remote access tool and gain access to certain game elements.


Wintertide is a first person multiplayer survival game. Based around lakeside cabins and small towns in the Rocky Mountains. Join together with 5 of your friends to face off against an opposing team, dangerous wildlife and an ever-changing hazardous environment.

Death is not the end, play as the predator. Dependent on your survival points, upon death you may reincarnate as certain wildlife. Loot, craft, track and hunt your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Track. Hunt. Loot. Craft. Survive.