PlayWhat has been around in one form or another since 2005. It started as a mirror site for PC game demos, but eventually PlayWhat morphed into what is today: a comprehensive library of MMO games/downloads.

We strive to be a hub where gamers can find what they want to play without having to slog through reviews, news and clutter. Just the facts, ma’am, and quick access to game clients, giving gamers the most direct path to gameplay, as quickly as possible. As Executive Editor for PlayWhat, I invite you to dive in, find what you want, and start gaming. If we’re missing a game or you have suggestions for what you’d like to see on the site, please send us a message. Know what to play, and start gaming. PlayWhat.


The PlayWhat Downloader utilizes both HTTP and a private, secure P2P network to deliver content files to you and other active users that are downloading the same content files.

You are a participant in the P2P network only while the application is open. Pausing and stopping the download will terminate all peer connections. Closing the downloader will remove you from the P2P network entirely. Under no circumstances will your computer be used as a cache to serve content to other users once the downloader is stopped, closed or removed from your system.

The PlayWhat Downloader is a single-purpose, disposable download manager that is NOT INSTALLED on your computer system, so there is nothing to uninstall. The program runs from the “Save To” location and is easily removed by simply deleting the program from the directory where it was saved. If you choose to “Run” the Downloader rather than “Save To” then its location is determined by your browser. ┬áIt’s actually a very simple process:



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