AdventureQuest 3D

Publisher: Artix Entertainment
Developer: Artix Entertainment
Genre: Fantasy, MMO, Role-Playing
Rating: Not Rated

AdventureQuest 3D is a fantasy online world filled with monsters, magic, and amazing stories. It is an inspired re-imagining of the hit Flash game from the original creators— and it will change the way we play games together.

As a cross-platform game, AdventureQuest can be accessed from your phone, tablet, and PC. Play the same character In the same world with your friends— no matter what device you are using. Explore the world and battle monsters in real time together.


  • Cross-platform
  • Persistent online world
  • Real-time combat
  • PvP arena – Player vs Player
  • Chat & emotes
  • Multi-class system
  • Weapon & Item fusion
  • Crafting
  • Solo, 2-player, large group sized adventures
  • Summon / teleport to friends
  • “Sidekick” friends to your level
  • Evolving world & story line
  • Self-cleaning to free up your mobile’s disk space
  • New content and things to do released regularly (It is sorta our thing.)

Cross Platform

With AdventureQuest 3D, the adventure goes where you do.

Play the same character and log into the same world your friends are playing on with any device.

  • Apple iPhone (5+)
  • Apple iPad (2+)
  • Android Phone (4.x+)
  • Android Tablet (4.x+)
  • PC (Steam, Windows 10 App Store & Website Download)
  • Mac (Steam & Website Download)
  • More platforms dependent on funding!
  • This is the way all games need to work in the future.

Long line ahead of you? You’ve got time for a mini-dungeon. Battle the undead legion with your friends under the table during dinner. Your lunch breaks just got a lot more dangerous. The adventure goes wherever you do.

Solo to Mega-Party Sized Adventures

Finally, a real MMO that fits into your schedule. The game is massive, but designed to be played in small rewarding bursts. We’re making the most accessible MMO RPG experience that’s fun from the minute you pick it up.

Easy to play with Friends

Two taps to play with any friend.

We are changing the way people play together. It should only take two taps to invite any friend to join you in anywhere in game— even if they don’t have the game yet.

Teleport / Summon your friends

All players will have the ability to summon their friends to their side, or teleport to friends who allow it in the game.

Play with friends who are not your level.

Automatic “side-kicking” will boost your friend’s level so they can play with you in dangerous places they could not go alone.

“Hiya, Jimmy. I know you are only level 1, but I really need your help taking down this level 75 Ultra Dragon… um, got your phone?”

Real Time Combat & Chat

Press the button to swing your weapon.

We coded our game and multiplayer servers from scratch. Battling monsters is fast and fun, with killer animations. Chat was built with mobile in mind; you can even use your phone’s built in text-to-speech recognition.

Evolving World & Storyline

All of our games have been built on the idea that there is always something new to do. Like our other games, AQ3D will be constantly and steadily updated with new content like classes to master, items to collect, areas to explore, and new functionality.

Multi-Class System

Why choose to play as a Warrior, Mage, Ninja, Paladin, or Necromancer when you could be ALL OF THEM!? Does your party need a healer? Switch between all of the classes you have unlocked.

Visit the Hall of Trainers where you can learn new classes and go on special quests to rank them up. Experiment and find skills that synergize with skills from other classes for devastating damage and effects.

Weapon and Armor Fusion

Your hard earned weapons and armor will NEVER become useless when new content is released. AdventureQuest 3D lets you power up any item through item fusion. Combine two items together, keeping the look of one and the power/stats from the other. Just a hunch, but they will never suspect that twig you have been keeping around since level 1 has the destructive power of a level 100 death scythe fused into it.

The World

AdventureQuest 3D takes place in the world of Lore— a magical land under attack by dragon lords, undead legions, monster kings, and ancient evils. You will find yourself at the heart of wars between vampires and werewolves, airship pirates & portal ninjas, and dragons. Lots.. and lots… of dragons. It is vast and ever expanding.

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