ARGO Online

Publisher: alaplaya
Developer: alaplaya
Genre: Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi, Strategy
Rating: Not Rated

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ARGO Online is a free-to-play, post-apocalyptical 3D MMORPG with RTS elements. It combines fantasy and futuristic Steampunk style elements into a online RPG which teleports you into a post-world-war realm and coerces you to choose between these two races: The Noblian, apologists of Steampunk technology and progress – or the Floresslah, living in symbiosis with nature.

Each faction shares the same past before Serpestis, the last world war. But because of their completely different attitudes to life which evolved during the centuries, they became enemies over time. Each of the two factions offers eight character classes – Mage, Alchemist, Cavalier, Bounty Hunter, Animist, Medic, Assassin, Guardian – as well as a huge character creation system that provides a lot of options to individualize a character.

Pets, mounts, cities, weapons and clothes completely differ from each other. Also you can specialize the eight different character classes with “Earthdium,” a mysterious element that offers supernatural strengths to everyone who uses it. There are several types of Earthdium, and several different ways to apply and make use of it.


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