Armored Warfare

Genre: Action, Free-to-play, MMO, Modern, Tactical, Tank, War
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Obsidian Entertainment

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience.

Modern Military Hardware

Use steel giants to wipe the enemy from the face of the earth! Operate the most powerful tools of destruction invented by mankind: heavily armed tanks and artillery.In Armored Warfare you will be able to drive and do battle in the mightiest armored vehicles from dozens of countries around the world.

Joint Co-Op Missions

Team up with friends and allies to carry out the most dangerous contracts available to Private Military Corporations like your own. Each member of the team will need to perform their role at maximum efficiency to ensure victory and profit as you exploit the war economy of the future!

Modern graphics

Armored Warfare uses CryENGINE 3 technology, which ensures the feeling of complete immersion in the game. See the glare in the crosshairs, the spray from water hazards, drops of rain shrouding the enemy, smoking ruins and other obstacles – step into a virtual world that is in no way inferior to reality!

Large-scale battles

Engage in challenging, fast-paced player versus player combat. Collaborate with your allies and execute clever tactics and maneuvers to emerge from battle victorious and your enemies ground beneath your treads. Armored Warfare is easy to learn, but challenging to master.

Modern Battlefield

Fight in hotspots around the world, ranging from frozen tundras to sun-scorched deserts and lush jungles. Do battle in locations that might be the focus of a modern military conflict, such as high-tech oil refineries, port facilities and population centers. Bring the fight to the 21st Century.


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