Astro Empires

Genre: Browser-Based, Free-to-play, MMO, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, Strategy
Developer: Cybertopia
Publisher: Cybertopia
Rating: Not Rated

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Astro Empires is a highly addictive space strategy game, where you play with thousands of real players, in real time, to control the universe.

This is a persistent universe, which means that the game keeps running even when you are not online.

To play, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. No downloads or plugins are required.

3D animations

Game units are represented in high quality 3D animation.

Epic battles

Take part in massive wars with thousands of players, fight epic battles, and experience our exciting battle mechanics, unlike any other game.

Highly addictive!

The game is completely immersive, you will get caught on it in no time.

An award winning game, including the prestigious BBGsite’s Most Popular Game award.

Great gameplay!

Research and build many ship types to create your ideal fleet, from hordes of small fast units, to an armada of gigantic capital ships.

There are many amazing technologies to discover, which unlock an ever more powerful armament and production capacity.

Team play

Choose between hundreds of guilds, or start your own, and become a force to be reckoned with.

Establish diplomatic ties with other guilds to form huge alliances of thousands of players, all working towards the same goals, or forge a small unit of elite players, and take the universe by storm.

Interactive map

Play in a vast universe, with huge galaxies and thousands of astros, all packed with excitement and adventure.

Explore the space to find the best resources and expand your great empire.


The game is run from high quality fast servers, set in a reliable modern datacenter with redundant high-speed international connections, to ensure the best gaming experience possible.

The graphics are served from a worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN), providing optimal load times no matter which country you are in.

Huge online community

Become a part of our friendly community, and make new friends, discuss tactics and show off your skills.

Don’t look further

Astro Empires is pretty easy to learn, and an interactive tutorial teaches you the basics.

Registration is free and takes only a few seconds, no downloads or plugins are necessary, so come and try out for yourself.

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