Genre: Free-to-play, Multiplayer, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, Strategy
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Tectonic Studios
Publisher: Tectonic Studios

Barrage is an exciting fusion of action and RTS gameplay, featuring big lasers, massive rockets, devastating experimental weapons and planetary base building on a grand scale. Crush your enemies with relentless bombardment or precision strikes as you expand your empire across the solar system and advance along the extensive research tree towards total domination!

The real challenge in Barrage is not only building a thriving economy, but also hitting those perfect shots to explode your enemies into space! The game works with real gravity. All projectiles (missiles, even lasers) are affected by the gravity of the stars, planets, asteroids and black holes. This makes hitting your opponents a real challenge as the projectiles circumnavigate their way around the solar system, hitting anything in their path; that may or may not be the enemy planet you were aiming at (and they may even come full circle and hit you in the back!)

Everyone on our team is a passionate competitive player for years. That’s the reason why one of our core concepts is to provide all features needed for a competitive environment. This includes features as demo recording to ensure performance-saving method to capture the most exciting moments or spectator features that allow casters to stream the action right to you.

Would you like to launch small moons, send deadly laser rays towards your enemies or colonize other planets? Barrage offers a wide range of attack structures, support buildings, mining facilities and power plants. You will be able to launch satellites into your planets’ orbit and harvest asteroids. This repertoire of choices gives you a variety of viable tactics and strategies to crush your enemies.


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