Battle for Graxia

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, MOBA, Role-Playing
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Petroglyph
Developer: Petroglyph

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Battle for Graxia is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or MOBA) that pits teams of players against each other in action-packed, real time strategic combat.

Battle for Graxia is a team-based PvP online game. Players get into the action by joining the game queue for the scenario of their choice as either a solo player or as a group. To keep games fair and balanced, the matchmaker automatically pairs you with other players of like skill and account level against players of similar skill and power. For those players who want a more casual experience, Battle for Graxia offers the option to create and join Custom games.

With every game that you complete, you earn experience, advancing your account level and unlocking persisted perks like the discipline tree and artifact slots to further customize your game experience.

Progress through the ranks and manage your immortals as you unlock free perks such as discipline points and artifact slots.

Free Immortal Rotation:
A selection of 8 immortals is always available for everyone to play, free of charge. The free line-up rotates on a frequent basis, providing opportunities for players to experience every immortal on the competitive scene.


  • 24 Immortals, each with diverse skill sets with more released frequently.
  • Account-based persistence complete with discipline and artifact systems.
  • The Crystal Forge is an advanced artifact crafting feature that puts customization at the player’s fingertips.
  • Fully integrated Guild and social networking features.
  • Account and Immortal statistics tracking.


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