Blast Brawl 2

Developer: Chris Molini
Publisher: Chris Molini
Genre: Fighting, Indie, Multiplayer, Platformer

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Blast Brawl 2 is a fast-paced, action packed 2D fighting game where you die in a single hit!

If that sounds scary, it’s because you haven’t tried it yet! Simple and accessible controls give way to a dynamic combat system where skill reigns supreme – adaptability, creativity, and quick reflexes will result in victory, even against impossible odds.

The story follows a band of epic heroes, all trapped in a strange and deadly world. You can play as any of them – each possesses unique abilities and techniques that make them radically different. Combat is a deadly dance, a constant whirl of fire, steel, and blood.

Gameplay is a refreshing mix of concepts, think Super Smash Bros. meets Samurai Gunn with a touch of Metroidvania. Delve into the secrets of an exciting new world, filled with vicious enemies and unexpected allies!

The demo features FIVE playable characters, and the option to battle your friends or fight against endless hordes of enemies in Wave Mode.

Blast Brawl 2 is extremely simple to learn, but difficult to master. Each character is relatively straightforward, and possesses 4 different abilities:

  • Attack: A reliable move for killing opponents! Could be as simple as a sword slice, or aiming and firing a gun.
  • Defense: Blocks, deflects, or negates attacks that would kill the character! The Sniper does a roundhouse kick that knocks bullets or attacks away.
  • Mobility: Helps the character move more quickly, or dodges an attack! The Vanguard runs more quickly, but drops his shield and can be attacked from the front!
  • Special: A move completely unique to the character in question! The Ninja becomes totally invisible for several seconds (though his footsteps can still be seen), while the Pirate throws a bottle of grog that scrambles the controls of enemies.

After choosing your character, you are set free amidst a randomly generated world where you must use your skills, reflexes, and creativity to bypass deadly challenges! On your epic journey, you will battle against:

  • Swarms of Enemies: Each environment that you enter has different inhabitants – most thirsting for your blood.
  • Sinister Traps: Not just creatures and fiends bar your path – beware the levels themselves!
  • Hidden Secrets: Not everything is as it seems! As you explore, you might find that activating something opens up entire new paths elsewhere… and there may be potential allies just out of sight.
  • Outrageously Awesome Bosses: After surviving each deadly gauntlet, you may find a final, greater challenge …

And if it’s too difficult? Just ask a friend to help you out!

Blast Brawl 2 follows the principle that more butts on the couch = more people who should be playing the game! That’s why, if you just plug in another controller, you can have another player! 4 players? Sure! 8 players or even MORE? WHY NOT???

Yet the extra help will not trivialize the game – as more heroes join the fray, enemies become more numerous and traps more common. Still, it’s always better to face danger with friends at your side!

Plus, you can even fight your friends in deathmatch and other versus modes, and there may even be unlockable co-op challenges …


Blast Brawl 2 - Alpha 9413.34MB2016-05-05

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