Genre: MOBA, Multiplayer, Pinball
Developer: Twin Echoes
Publisher: Twin Echoes

MOBA meets pinball in the most exciting solo and co-op campaign or PVP arena of bumper madness, traps and explosions to ever roll on Steam!

Do you think you are good at MOBAs, fighting games… or pinball? Challenge your friends to a match of Boltus! Skillfully maneuver your sphere, charge it up by hitting bumpers and outsmart your enemy’s defenses to gain control over their bumpers. A game of reflexes, skill, strategy and cunning.


You are on a space faring ark-city, what remains of an old, space faring civilization. As a necessity, their defensive capabilities evolved more and more, to fight of invaders, and as a result, far outcompeted their own offensive capabilities. Their energy based weapons are no longer effective against their own high grade shields. The only thing that can get past them is raw, heavy, bulky, high speed alloy. In one word: Spheres.

Now the Dominus is dead and two factions struggle to fill in the void of power. You are one of them. Equipped with a Sphere, you set out to to bring your opponents on their knees and seize your rightful throne.

The game will have a single player/two player local co-op campaign, player vs player and player versus AI modes.

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