Bounty Hounds Online

Genre: Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Innogames
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: XPEC Entertainment

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At man’s first encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), a huge galactic war has broken out. Mankind has tried to eliminate the alien threat on potential planet colonies. With the birth of the Federal Government the colonial war has officially ended and military forces have been reduced.

However, this peace is only a facade, because the galactic turmoil continues. Private Military Companies are the new army on which the government relies on. These mercenaries, also known as Bounty Hounds, are uncontrollable and their numbers are growing. Every day a new batch of mercenaries is heading to Clear Sky Planet to enforce the PMCs in order to hunt for greater victory… or death!

As one of the mercenaries who survived the galactic war you will be part of the Private Military to fight for mankind and to become a true hero.

Bounty Hounds Online is a free-to-play MMORPG with a lot of unique features and a visually stunning science-fiction setting.

Character Classes
There are five unique classes: Shock Trooper, Heavy Gunner, Chemical Brawler, Engineer, and Agent. Every character class has its unique play style of melee or ranged attack as well as supporting abilities. With each class you will be able to choose your character’s gender and customise the looks of your mercenary.

The smooth and intuitive combat system allows you to use both melee and ranged weapons. The combat system automatically switches between melee and ranged attack depending on the distance to your target. So you can easily move around and use your abilities in the most efficient ways.

Player versus Player
Bounty Hounds Online also includes PvP combat. We will release detailed information about this feature at a later point.

Squads & Mercenary Legions
Although you can form random teams in the game, Squads are specifically designed for regular group play or completing instanced challenges with your friends. Within a faction you also have the ability to form a Mercenary Legion consisting of up to eight Squads. This gives you a lot of advantages like gaining benefits from Legion titles, for example. A Squad or Legion Commander can also initiate exclusive missions.

Research & Development (R&D)
The inventive R&D system is a way for your character to create and enhance items. Gaining more experience in your research opens up more possibilities to craft better equipment or improve your gear. You can create and improve all kinds of weapon and armour types, CTU upgrades and consumable items to recover health, spell power or CTU energy.

Combat & Tactical Units (CTU)

CTUs are transformable robot pets. Once you can call one of them your own, you will have a reliable and fearless companion to help you survive. Pets will also level up and develop into more powerful machines. There are different types of CTUs, such as aggressive damage dealers, defensive protectors and intelligent supporters. Pets cannot only be improved by the use of specific upgrades, and the teaching of new abilities, they can also be customised with specific paint jobs. CTUs recharge energy in combat. When a pet has fully recharged its energy it can temporarily transform into a very effective war machine.


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