Colonial Conquest

Publisher: Argonauts Interactive
Developer: Argonauts Interactive
Genre: Historical, Indie, Purchase Required, Strategy, Turn-Based
Rating: Not Rated

Colonial Conquest is the new game from Argonauts Interactive where you have the opportunity to revive the race for the colonies and world domination that shaped the world and countries of today.​​

Play as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan or Russia and shape the 20th century while the great powers conquer the world.

In Colonial Conquest, you manage armies, fleets and spies to achieve world domination. Will you annex your targets military or bribe the local elites to join your empire? Manage your expansion, fortify your territories and beat your adversaries to become the world’s dominant power.

​Will you be President Theodore Roosevelt leading the USA toward world domination? Queen Victoria managing England annexing most of the world? Emperor Meiji driving Japan through quick evolution? Kaiser Wilhelm II consolidating Germany’s role in the world? Jules Ferry helping France build one of the largest empires in Africa? or Tsar Alexander III expanding the Russian empire.​

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