Colonies Online

Genre: Action, MMO, Multiplayer, Sandbox, Sci-Fi, Strategy
Developer: Iron Bit
Publisher: Iron Bit
Rating: Not Rated

Colonies is a multiplayer game in which all players are in the same game space and can communicate freely with each other. The game is set in the distant future. Human civilization has long conquered space and began to explore the distant worlds in search of resources necessary for life. Small research ships went to the other planets, but those planets are in no hurry to part with their treasures easily. The colonists will explore the dangerous worlds and will have to fight the monsters populating them. Huge territories and a virtually infinite number of planets, ensure that there is plenty of room, and endless crowds of monsters guarantee that things won’t be boring. However, players can hunt not only monsters, but also other players. Decide who your character will be a honest colonist or an outlaw killer … or maybe a bounty hunter! Clear “non-target” system makes the hunt for monsters and players dynamic and interesting. And as a reward you will be able to improve the equipment of your character and his weapons, which will allow you to take on more complex and responsible tasks.

In the future, you will have an opportunity to build your own colonies on different planets, engage in mining of rare resources, create your own items of clothing for yourself or your friends, or simply to sell it. You will get a chance to engage in research technology. The original system of “influences”, which is used in our project, will give you a chance to move arbitrarily far in the research, making your colony extremely advanced technically. Competitors will feel the power of your gear in combat. Some colonies may choose brutal force as their main argument in defending their own interests, while others may prefer politics and intrigue… or vice versa, they might make strong alliances and partnerships with other colonies.

Colonies Online is a project that is being developed by a small independent team. Currently, two people are constantly working on the project, and a few more are helping them with it. Despite the small staff, we strive for the highest level of project quality. Right now the project is just in its first phase, and although we have already done a lot of work, most work is still ahead. We’re working nonstop on the project, constantly adding new gaming opportunities, as well as improving what has already been done. We are full of ideas and plans for turning Colonies into a full MMORPG, and we hope that many people will enjoy spending their free time with friends, creating characters, building and protecting their home base and simply communicating with other players.

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