Combat Arms: Line of Sight

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Developer: BlackSpot Entertainment
Publisher: Nexon Europe
Rating: Not Rated

Combat Arms: Line of Sight is the new addition to the Combat Arms family. Sure, there are many military FPS games out there, but with comet strikes and fireballs, there are none quite like this.

Weapon Customisation Like Never Before
In Combat Arms: Line of Sight, you can take weapon customisation to the next level. You can choose, piece by piece, how you want your weapon to perform and what you want it to look like. You may also decide to go with the weapon’s classic design and quickly jump into battle.

Exceptional Super Human Powers
Combat Arms: Line of Sight combines real-world military weapons with unique super human powers. With fast-paced combat action, this game is sure to rock your world.

Note:  This game is not yet available in North America.

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