Concrete Jungle

Genre: Business, MMO, Multiplayer, Purchase Required, Real-Time, Strategy
Rating: Not Rated

Concrete Jungle is an indie game about city planning and deck-building!

The game combines the simple but satisfying mechanics of tabletop deck-building games, the intricacy and accessibility of an indie title, and the variety and depth of a collectible card game. Topped with the isometric stylings of classic 90s management sims.

You use cards in your deck to place buildings, clearing city blocks to give yourself more room to build. As your city grows you’ll get opportunities to hone your deck, but the game also gets harder.


  • Over 150+ buildings!
  • Single player story mode with 6 unlockable characters!
  • Online High Scores system
  • Competitive mode with challenging AI
  • Local competitive/co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2)
  • Soundtrack featuring DP Kaufman, Mokhov & Xerxes

The game *will not* feature any free-to-play mechanics or microtrasnactions. There will be plenty of unlocks, but you’ll earn them through play at a reasonable rate (remember- how things used to be!)

The game is being developed for PC but a mac port is planned. A linux port may also be possible later on.

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