Core Blaze

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing
Publisher: Gamania
Developer: Gamania

Core Blaze is a brand new concept in MMO gaming. Experience the “pure basics” of gaming that you have missed in recent years. Core Blaze goes beyond regurgitated concepts, characters and gameplay and will reignite your love and passion for online gaming!

As the players experience the story, they will step into different lands, each having its own unique style. In the peculiar topographies formed in ancient times, there is a heritage from an ancient civilization that was left behind for thousands of years. Epic adventures wait for you and your friends when you walk across snow covered mountains, cross river valleys, explore abysses, go into the darkness of caves and wander through ancient temples!

Rather than repeatedly “clicking” monsters to death, earning experience points and hanging around hoping some decent loot appears, when you journey through Core Blaze, you won’t go through the same, rigid, pre-designed route over and over again – You have the freedom for endless exploration and living the game your way!

Core Blaze features a high degree of freedom in weapon selection, and players can choose different weapons at will right before assaults on a battlefield. Players can, for example, adopt an offensive strategy to equip the Sword & Shield today, switch to the Great Sword tomorrow and change to the Long Bow in group missions.

Along with equipment and combat skills, the attributes that players acquire after they gain more experience will become core elements affecting combat effectiveness on the battlefield. Immediate actions that players take in a battle, tempos of attacks, angles of attacks and even supportive actions to go with your teammates’ moves are all keys to winning in the adventure.

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