Homepage: http://www.dark-wind.com/
Genre: Action, Driving, Free-to-play, MMO
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: PsychicSoftware
Developer: PsychicSoftware

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Darkwind is a combat driving simulator. It’s strategic rather than real-time, and you’re not alone out there — you control a whole gang of racers, shooters, and dirty double-crossers as you try to drive and survive what’s left of our world. Dozens of thieves, misfits and assassins await your command.

Arena combat, ranked races, and even paintball tournaments abound in cities across the island of Evan. It’s our last refuge from a Sun that’s burned away the rest of the planet. Yet life still finds a way…mutants, giant bugs, awesome mental powers…these are the harbingers of a new future for mankind. This is the new reality we are left with.

It is your task to drive and survive. To kill or be killed. To be one of the players across the globe who have made Darkwind their own. Twist it by adding your own car and character skins, warp it with your own storylines in our community forums. Create your own destiny by managing a Camp and manufacturing headquarters.

Drive to survive. Shoot to kill. Welcome, stranger, to Darkwind.


Evolutionary A.I.
Aug 15th, 2010

Darkwind’s NPC gangs now use Genetic Algorithms to improve their knowledge of the numerous racetracks and chassis types in the game. During combats, they use pheromone trails to learn the best routes around the terrain and other obstacles. The goal is to improve both the challenge and the fun for the players.


Darkwind Full Client118.56MB2010-08-25

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