Digimon Masters Online

Homepage: http://www.joymax.com/dmo/
Genre: Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Joymax
Developer: Joymax
Rating: Not Rated

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Embark on a grand adventure! The battle for supremacy begins anew with Digimon Masters Online! Following the world’s first online game based on the Digimon animated series: Digimon Battle, Digimon Masters introduces real time combat rendered in 3D graphics – a complete departure from the turn-based action found previously in Digimon Battle.  

Digimon Masters’ faithful recreation of the Digimon universe, as featured in the anime series Digimon Data Squad, has achieved great success in Korea and is now being brought to the global market by WeMade Entertainment. A game for all players and all ages, Digimon Masters provides a simple interface coupled with an intuitive control scheme that is completely hassle free. Digimon Masters seamlessly combines the challenge of a pet training simulation with role playing elements to deliver a different kind of gaming experience!

Key Features:

• Authentic Story and Design. Digimon are well known all over the globe as part of the famous Japanese animation series.  Digimon Masters is the first ever 3D online game based on the Digimon universe, with more than 1,000 characters featured from seasons 1 through 5 of the series. Not only is it faithful to the art design, Digimon Masters closely follows the original story that will satisfy both loyal fans of the series as well as feeling welcoming to new gamers.
• Real Time Combat.  Gamers will be thrilled with the challenges brought forth by real time combat, as it requires quick thinking and refined reflexes.
• Recommendable for All Ages.  Just like Digimon Battle, Digimon Masters appeals to a wide audience.  Young or seasoned, parents and kids can enjoy Digimon Masters without having to worry about violence or gore.

Other Unique Features:

• Digi-Soul:
Is the energy needed to use skills or to maintain an evolved state. This is comparable to how “Mana” is used in most RPGs, yet more complex.  Only Tamers are able to produce Digi-Soul.  The amount of Digi-Soul is dependent on the Tamer’s capabilities and is administered through a Digivice.
• Digivice: Short for Digital Device, this key item is used to digitize a person’s will and pass it on to their Digimon. By using a Digivice, a Tamer can make a Digimon more powerful. Each Tamer only has one Digivice. The effects of all Digivice are enhanced as the Tamer grows.
• Unique Properties: All Digimon have 3 distinct properties such as Attributes, Elements and Families. Digimon are born with their own Attributes that can either be an advantage or a liability in battle.  Elements are the source of a Digimon’s power, while certain items provide a power boost to a Digimon based on its Family.
• Huge Cast: Tamers can collect all kinds of Digimon that specialize in one of many forms of combat. Collecting different types of Digimon; raise them and use them various combat situations is addictive and challenging.
• Digivolution: Digimon can become even stronger by changing into a more powerful form through Digivolution.
• Become a Royal Knight: Royal Knights are Digimon in charge of each area in the Digital World. The original series featured 13 Royal Knights; 8 of them are in Digimon Masters Online! Leaders of a guild that conquers one of these areas can become a Royal Knight who has the right to impose taxes along with other perks — and obligations.


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