District 187

Homepage: http://d187.netmarble.com/
Genre: Action, Free-to-play, MMO, Sci-Fi, War
Developer: CJ Gamelab
Publisher: Netmarble
Rating: Rating Pending

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District 187: Sin Streets is an online first-person shooter that delivers the fun of lobby based shooters to a whole new battlefield. District 187 puts you in the middle of a city at war. Fight for supremacy as a gangster or part of a SWAT team in a futuristic urban setting.
At the end of 21st century, the world has fallen into a massive economic depression. In this brave new world, where money means everything and morality is up for sale to the highest bidder, wealth and power has naturally collected in the hands of the few.
These people use what is left of the government to protect their own interests, but there are those who want nothing more than freedom for the oppressed majority and will stop at nothing to get it.


District 187 Full Client v1002543.16MB2012-10-17

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