Divergence Online

Homepage: http://divergence-online.wix.com/divergence-online
Genre: Fantasy, MMO, Role-Playing, Sandbox, Simulation
Rating: Not Rated

Divergence: Online is a truly unique indie MMORPG experience where the player is free from the constraints associated with modern MMORPG.

Maximum Player Freedom

The way it aims to accomplish this is:

  • A virtually limitless gaming world space. The ocean is in itself unending. There is no border and no edge. Continents are raised from the sea floor on demand, providing an almost limitless supply of new territory just begging to be conquered by players.
  • A non-linear world spreading out in all directions. Pick a direction and GO. The player can cross dozens of kilometers without seeing a single load screen.
  • A Skill-Based progression system. No levels, just you and what you choose to do and get better at. Master a profession or round out your character with skills from several at once.
  • Advance in ways other than combat. Be a career architect, a tailor, a dancer, a bio engineer or any number of non-combative professions in pursuit of the almighty-credit.

The Pursuit of Gaming Truth

Divergence does not placate the user. You won’t be rewarded with thousands of meaningless achievements or exploitable special attacks. Our aim is to give the end user REAL features, not just clever tricks of scenery, particles and way, way too much bloom. Divergence will never treat you like a child or lead you down a cleverly disguised pipe of an existence towards the same tired meaningless endgame.

Open PVP & Lootable Bodies

  • Open PVP everywhere. No exceptions. If you don’t like the way that alien is checking out your girl, put a bullet in his face. Just be prepared to lose faction with the establishments bouncers who with enough ruckus may elect to toss your ass out.
  • Lootable Corpses. You won’t have an inventory full of thousands of ridiculous objects. All objects have a mass equivalent and slow you down based on your physical ability to carry loads. Don’t carry your valuables on you!
  • Limited Permanent-Death. The most controversial of the controversial. Cloning in Divergence is common but not guaranteed. You’ll need clone insurance, a few clones in storage, to be within the sphere of a cloning beacon and a race which can actually clone in order to avoid starting over on your character after death. Death means something, and thus life means something. Dancers, don’t despair. Most NPC and player towns have their own cloning spheres.

Player housing and Cities

There are almost no instanced areas in Divergence. The world is so massive with so much free space to roam around in that players can start a player city virtually anywhere on the planets surface. But be certain to build defences!

A Modifiable World

Working in hand with our crafting system, there are a multitude of ways the player can affect the actual game world itself. Explosives blow holes in the terrain, sometimes exposing veins of precious minerals beneath. Use a personal drill or drop a mining rig to drill down in your absence, or build up the terrain to a flat section perfect for putting that house on top of. If I were you, I wouldn’t leave that equipment lying around too long though, privateers are all about. Better safe than sorry, put a turret near your rig! Bandits won’t dare mess with your stuff if they could die and lose their own gear in the process. Unless of course, they have courage.

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