Dungeons & Robots

Homepage: http://www.indiedb.com/games/dungeons-and-robots
Genre: Action, Indie, Multiplayer, Purchase Required, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Digital Tribe
Developer: Glow Games Studio
Rating: Not Rated

Dungeons & Robots is an Online Action Shooter RPG, where players team up to battle various enemies, collect resources and dominate territories. Features include, fast-paced combat; elaborate crafting and inventory system; customizable characters, weapons, armour, powers and skills; procedurally generated environments and items; solo missions, 1-4 player co-op, and guilds. Explore these futuristic dungeons to fight, conquer and dominate.


  • 1-4 Multiplayer – Find your posse, explore massive dungeons, complete missions and lay claim to your territory.
  • Procedurally Generated Levels – Force you to stay alert and hope your team has your back.
  • Randomly Generated Equipment – Allows you to select a variety of items that best matches your play style and efficiently upgrades your character.
  • Environment – Navigate monster infested dungeons and caverns to kill the enemy and collect valuable crystals.
  • Customization – Modular approach allows you to customize your Character, Armour and Weapons.
  • Guild – Join a Guild to upgrade your character quicker, conquer and control your territory, and compete agains other Guilds.
  • Crafting – Collect crystals and craft “Legendary” items to upgrade your character and create a powerful robot.
  • Weapons – Protect your comrades and obliterate your enemies with 7 awesome Weapon catagories.
  • Enemies – Battle a variety of aggressive enemies and encounter epic boss battles in fast paced action.
  • Single Player – Explore the environments, collect crystals, engage in fierce battles and upgrade your character.

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