Embers of Caerus

Homepage: http://www.embersofcaerus.com/
Genre: Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Sandbox
Developer: Forsaken Studios
Rating: Not Rated

Become part of a storyline that spans more than a thousand years, and change the course of a brutal and dynamic world. Create everything from weapons, armor, ships, shops, and homes, to entire cities and nations. Control everything from local and national laws, taxes, markets, territories and political landscapes. Influence the unfolding and development of the game’s storylines and make the world your own. Advance your character in a unique, rich, classless, and level-less skill-based system.

Struggle to survive in a harsh and violent world recently torn asunder by a magical apocalypse. Face challenges that bring new meaning to player versus environment. Encounter natural, magical, and demonic creatures, forces of nature and gods, and other players seeking to advance their own agendas – or simply end yours. Unlock mysteries of the ancient world that can lead to anything, from new skills and spells, to rare resources and valuable items. Discover haunted ruins, fantastic creatures, and deadly traps that can leave you questioning your sanity and your friends’ loyalty.

Help restore the temples of the old world’s gods, or create your own religion and will a new deity into existence. Spread your patron god’s good nature across the world, drawing in support from others – or unleash hellish powers in their name, make others cower before your god’s might, and reap fell rewards for your service.

What story will you write into the history of Caerus?

  • Medieval low-fantasy MMORPG
  • Level-less, classless character advancement
  • Massive, seamless, persistent world on one massive server
  • “Living World” dynamic ecology
  • Dynamic weather and seasons
  • Rich back-story and player-influenced evolving storylines
  • Dynamic Event Team
  • Immersive first-person view
  • Player skill-driven combat
  • Full loot, open PvP combat
  • Death Hurts
  • Involved, dynamic naval systems
  • Realistic siege warfare
  • Territorial controls
  • Player-controlled political and legal systems
  • Player housing and city building
  • Rich player-controlled market and economy
  • Extensive crafting systems
  • Unique and challenging magic system
  • Player-influenced or created religions
  • Dozens of professions

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