Endless Space

Homepage: http://g2g.amplitude-studios.com/Games/Endless-Space
Publisher: Amplitude Studios
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Genre: MMO, Purchase Required, Sci-Fi, Strategy, Turn-Based
Rating: Not Rated

Endless Space is a turn-based 4X (EXPLORE . EXPAND . EXPLOIT. EXTERMINATE) strategy game for PC and Mac, covering the space colonization age, where you can control every aspect of your civilization as you strive for galactic dominion.

This galaxy is ancient, and its first intelligent life was the civilization we call the Endless. Long before our eyes gazed upon the stars they flew between them, though all that remains of this people is what we call Dust. A substance found scattered or in forgotten temples, it once gave powers to admirals and galactic governors. The galaxy will belong to the faction that can take control of the Dust and uncover its secrets…

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