Homepage: http://www.playentropy.com/
Genre: Action, Flight, MMO, Purchase Required, Sci-Fi, Simulation, Space
Developer: Artplant
Publisher: ArtPlant
Rating: Not Rated

Entropy is a sandbox science fiction MMOG with a strong focus on freeform gameplay and large-scale space combat, and is available right now for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Set in a true open-world sandbox, Entropy heralds a new era in community-driven projects, where players will help decide the game’s development direction, helping to build the definitive sci-fi MMO experience.

Interstellar dogfighting

Entropy finally delivers a true dogfighting experience in an MMO environment. Experience the thrill of skill-based combat set against a massively multiplayer arena, where up to a hundred simultaneous players per instance can fight for supremacy.

Upgrade your ship with a variety of weapons and armaments, and use offensive, defensive and passive abilities to customise your approach to combat and survival.

Economics rule the Universe

Economics is the engine that drives the universe of Entropy, and a good knowledge of supply and demand can make you a fortune. Whether you play the market and trade between different stations, transporting goods across star systems crawling with pirates, mine rich asteroids or loot ancient relics, there are many routes to riches.

A true MMO experience

Entropy is a true MMO – not just an arena shooter or a single-player game with added online functionality. Interact with thousands of other players in 120 explorable star systems – some friendly, many hostile.

Your actions will shape and influence the persistent universe.

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