Era of Empire

Genre: Browser-Based, Free-to-play, MMO, Real-Time, Strategy
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Proficient City
Publisher: Proficient City

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Era of Empire is a new hardcore social game that includes city construction, simulation, war strategy and many other features. The unique design concept shows you the true developments of four of the great ancient civilizations. Get to know different customs, cultures and conflicts of the different faiths and experience their growth from savage primitive societies to the great empire that ruled Asia, Africa and Europe. Witness the development and prosperity, the colonization and expansion, as you make the important decisions. Will you lead your people to immortal supremacy, or die out, forgotten in the tides of time?

Real and Exquisite Game Frames
Era of Empire has a realistic style. Exquisite artwork revives the character of different societies in human history. You will find grand Islamic Mosques,the Tower of Babel so tall that it touches the sky, magnificent shrines on the Aegean Sea shores and pyramids by the Nile.

Various City Construction
Each civilization has more than 60 types of structures, giving you extensive control over how your city grows. Let your imagination fly, but make sure you plan and manage carefully.

Market-oriented Trade System
The economic model in Era of Empire is based on our own society’s. Each city produces different supplies, and then can trade them for the supplies they cannot produce. The price and circulation of the supplies are held in players’ hands. You can trade with your friends or you can stock up the goods and monopolize the market. Here’s your chance to experience the thrill of ancient stocks and futures.

Diversified City Management
In this realistic simulation game you are the decision maker. This is not as simple as planting and harvesting, it is important that you create a happy home for your people. You need to satisfy people’s needs and wishes so they will work harder, thus bringing you generous taxes and a rich supplies output. This require intelligence, a deliberate mind, careful planning, and smart decisions. The longer you play the more complicated your responsibilities will become.

Strict and Complete Technology System
Era of Empires accurately mimics true developing societies. The extensive technology system includes agriculture, industry, military, culture and faith. Your people start by farming, domesticating animals and fishing, before they move on to brewing and processing food. Thy start by using simple tools, then advance to reading the sky and sailing. As players continue to invest in technology more advanced residences, buildings, and military units will be unlocked. You will witness your civilization’s progression, and its rise to power.

A War System of Strategy and Balance
The classic SRPG war system supports real-time multiplayer battles. Armies from different civilizations have their own features. The advantages and restraints of each unit add significant complexity to the battles. You will be able to fight random enemies, or you can start guild wars with your allies.

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